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Reinaldo Ferreira is the CEO of - a global project in the travel space. He lives in Porto and is going to write about Portuguese startups and related topics.

Mental note: context

Each now and then, a book comes up and changes the world as we know it. That may not be the case of “The Age of Context” from Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. The new book from these two respected … Continue reading

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Final call to Porto, OPO Startup Week on May 24

In the lively European Startup scene, Porto is looking for a full-time position. In case you don’t know, OPO is the airport code for Porto International Airport, a one to three hour flight from anywhere in the European Union, pretty … Continue reading

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GO Youth @ Lisbon 2013

If there are many reasons one may have to visit Lisbon, another is to meet the local young entrepreneurs at GO Youth Conference 2013, held on the 16th and 17th of March. In case you cannot attend, we’ll be there … Continue reading

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Porto University’s Incubator wins RegioStars award

Brussels, January 31st: UPTEC, Porto University’s incubator was awarded the RegioStar award for the Smart Growth category. Quite appropriately named UPTEC, 5 years old Porto University’s Science and Technology Park is Porto’s largest incubator, currently with 97 startups and 12 … Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo “starfunds” Mobitto

We’ve been writing about crowdfunding frequently (I certainly did). But today we’re covering “starfunding” as all-star football (soccer for Americans) player Cristiano Ronaldo invests in Mobitto’s mobile loyalty card. Mobitto is a Lisbon-based mobile marketing startup that aims to improve … Continue reading

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The Web of Things ruled the Dublin Web Summit 2012

If you’ve been at Dublin at least once, chances are you know what Temple Bar stands for. So very briefly let me tell you I saw at the Dublin Web Summit this week. The event Paddy Cosgrove brought to life … Continue reading

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Mygon expands on daily deals

That’s what business modeling is: you can have the same product or service wrapped in so many ways, there’s almost always another way to differentiate. And that’s what business is: you never know what the result will be until you … Continue reading

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addFleet gets €3M from Telefonica and La Caixa

Meet addFleet, a Barcelona based provider of fleet management services. And here comes Telefónica and La Caixa, just nine months after the company starts, with a €3M “inversión” (investment). The company’s main product is a complete solution that includes the … Continue reading

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Pepito, Beaunity and MiniMobil get Startup Pirates @ Porto prizes

It’s Saturday morning and Startup Pirates @ Porto second edition is coming to an end. One week of business modeling, branding, pitching, mentorship and teamwork is over and it’s time to let the team’s ideas shine. The jury has voted … Continue reading

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Tuizzi is going global

You might say you could have done this too. But the fact is that Tuizzi done it first and got the second place at the Startup Games in London, last weekend. Tuizzi is simply the of outdoor advertising. Either … Continue reading

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