14 entrepreneurship podcasts worth listening to

Podcasts are just awesome. They can inspire you or teach you some valuable business lessons eve...

European Startups Podcast – news roundtable

In the third episode of the European Startups Podcast, Benoit Curdy (ex-Googler & Vocalytic...

European Startups Podcast – the pitch / public speaking

In this second episode of the European Startups Podcast, we talk about public speaking and pitc...

European Startups Podcast – Investment

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/18654168"] Podcast: Download In this first episode of European Startups Podcast, we talk about what many consider the main weakness of the European tech scene: Investment opportunities. Our guest is Hussein Kanji, a London-based entrepreneur and investor. Hussein not only understands both startups and VCs but he also knows very well how the startup ecosystem works in the US and in Europe, for having worked on both sides of the pond.

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