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EU-Startups.com is the leading online publication with a focus on startups in Europe. The website was founded in October of 2010.

We write about internet and tech startups out of Europe and provide our readers with data-driven analysis, interviews and startup-related news. In addition to our focus on young technology companies, we also publish other kinds of news out of the tech-space that has a commercial or cultural impact on startups in Europe.

Each month, EU-Startups.com reaches an audience of more than 300,000 startup-interested and tech savvy people from across Europe. More info about our audience and regarding advertising options can be found here.

Vision/Mission: Our vision is to connect the European startup scene and to encourage entrepreneurship within Europe.

The Core Team & Management

Thomas-Ohr-2019Thomas Ohr is Founder and CEO of EU-Startups and founded the publication in October of 2010. He is excited about Europe’s future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona. Before running EU-Startups (Menlo Media) as a business, Thomas worked in the German media industry. Till January of 2016 he served as Senior Brand Manager at one of Germany’s biggest magazine publishers. You can contact him at [email protected].

Ana-Metz-2019Ana Metz is the Startup Sourcing Director of EU-Startups. Passionate about how design and technology can influence people and business, Ana is scouting startups and innovative businesses from all over the world, for media, corporates and investors. If you’re interested in our startup sourcing service, please reach out to [email protected].

Anastasiia Ponomareva is the Events & Partnerships Director of EU-Startups. Passionate about entrepreneurship, with a background in IT recruitment and years of experience leading different startup events, Anastasiia believes in the power of connecting professionals within the startup ecosystem. If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities, or other types of collaboration, reach out to [email protected].

Antonio López Escárzaga is the new Head of Content at EU-Startups, with a background in Digital Marketing, Antonio drives his passion for effective communication and entrepreneurship. He firmly believes in communication’s transformative power and strives to harness it to foster growth and innovation. If you have an exciting story to share, you can reach him at [email protected].

Francesca Romana Piccioli is EU-Startups’ Startup Analyst, focusing on data-driven startup research and evaluations. As part of our Startup Sourcing activities, Francesca is working with corporate clients and investors to help them find the most promising startups. With a background in food technology and food innovation Francesca is a curious startup enthusiast, passionate about traveling and getting to know new ideas and products. If you’re interested in our startup sourcing service, reach out to [email protected].

Stefano De Marzo is the Head of News at EU-Startups. He has been extensively covering startups, venture capital and innovation ecosystems, including contributions to numerous publications such as Sifted, Entrepreneur and Forbes. Through his work as an editor and writer, he continues to shape the narrative surrounding the best stories of the tech world. If you have some exciting news to share, you can reach him at [email protected].

Nada Mostafa is EU-Startups’ Partnerships Manager. With a background in Political Science and Business Management, she has a real interest in the influence of businesses in our society in terms of political and economic aspects and how it can be improved through entrepreneurship. Passionate about the International Development field, Nada has experience in research and in the organizing different kinds of social events. If you’re interested in events and partnership opportunities reach out to [email protected].

Contributing Writers

Ana-FontAna Font is a Freelance Content Marketer based in Barcelona, specialising in content marketing for B2B startups. She’s a bit of a startup nerd, interested in remote work, and passionate about photography and everything travel related.

Maricel-SanchezMaricel Sanchez has over 10 years of experience in trading, supply chain management, logistics and manufacturing. Aside from helping startups to raise funds, she’s also a public speaker and the President of Toastmasters Nice.

Veronica-FresneauVeronica Fresneau is a tech and startups enthusiast, and an advocate for women in tech. She is based in Amsterdam and has more than ten years of Marketing & Communications experience in several EMEA markets.

Amanda Pun

Amanda Pun is passionate about startups, particularly in the FinTech and B2C spaces. She was one of the first employees of fintech startup, Homeppl, and has expertise in Product Management and Operations. She is based in London and is originally from Canada.

Thomas Homburg studied Chemistry in Northern Europe, and he worked as a researcher in Canada, Israel, and the UK. Nowadays, he is working as an innovation manager in the area of sustainable chemistry, supporting international start-ups. He is interested in the interplay of research, entrepreneurship, and regulation and is convinced that the transition towards a sustainable future lies in multidisciplinary approaches.

Previous writers include Patricia Allen, Bojana Trajkovska, Charlotte Tucker, Ieva TreijaMary Loritz, Anto Guarin, Hannah NeuburgerMevish AslamMarko Srsan, Andrius Neviera, Benoit Curdy, Stefano Bernardi, Mark Nessfield, Luca Mayer and Tony Fernandez. You’d like to join our team of contributing writers? Please contact us.

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