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The favorite books of Jimmy Wales and Kevin Rose

Books have the power to transform lives and businesses. With our section “The favorite books of…” we inform you once in a while about the favorite books of some of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs. Today we’re looking at the bookshelf of Jimmy Wales and Kevin Rose:

Jimmy-Wales-picJimmy Wales (Co-Founder of Wikipedia): He recently stated on the question-and-answer website Quora that his favorite book right now is the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. He also said that his long term favorite book is a novel called The Fountainhead. In his own words: “This is the book you’ll want to read if you want to learn more about how I think about things.”

Kevin-Rose-PicKevin Rose (Founder of Digg, General Partner at Google Ventures): On his goodreads profile, Kevin mentioned the Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing as one of his favorite business books. It’s a straightforward guide to investing for everyone. As his favorit non-business book Kevin Rose mentioned Miracle of Mindfulness. In this guide, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers anecdotes and practical exercises to learn the skills of mindfulness-being awake and fully aware.

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