Spotify will be expanding to the US soon


On January this year it has almost seemed as Spotify, Europes most popular music-streaming-service, might be quitting its plan to launch in the US. A few months (and deals) later things have changed – in a good way: Spotify has just released a holding page for its US-service announcing that “The award-winning music service that’s taken Europe by storm will soon be landing on US shores”.

As Spotify had this expansion in mind for a long time, it is not clear yet what the music platform means by “soon”. But their latest announcement looks serious and promising. This suggests that Spotify has probably landed some final deals with music label that were needed to make this expansion happen.

Spotify was launched for public access on October of 2008 and is now operating out of its offices in Stockholm, London and Luxembourg. Last month the young company announced a restriction of its free playback service.


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