Skimlinks acquires the US based startup Atma Links


Skimlinks, announced today that it has just acquired the New York based content monetization startup Atma Links. Skimlinks is going to merge the Atma Links technology with its own affiliate marketing platform to offer its publishers and partners a real-time in-text product identification and price comparison service.

Both companies offer a simple solution that helps publishers to earn some extra money with affiliate links. With one line of javascript, product links and product references on a page are instantly turned into commission-earning affiliate links. Skimlinks is headquartered in London and was launched in November of 2008. The young company is now powering $13 million in merchant sales a month and growing.

Skimlinks CEO and co-founder Alicia Navarro explained theSkimlinks_Atma_acquisition acquisition: “We already had a strong offering for automating product linking in content. However, Atma Linksis able to offer real-time price comparison, which, when combined with our publisher network, partner relationships, and architecture, creates an offering unparalleled in the market.”

Atma Links’ directors Erik Nygren and Chris Dickson will join the Skimlinks team. Details about the acquisition-terms were not disclosed.