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The next generation of entrepreneurs – interview with a startup girl from Riga

Elizabete Dikmane is 18 year old and she is a student at one of the Secondary Schools in Riga. She is young, passionate and has already made some significant experiences with startups. I would say that she is also very … Continue reading

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Germany’s CrowdPatent allows anyone to invest in patents

The German startup CrowdPatent, which was founded in 2013, created a pioneering platform connecting inventors, investors, and innovators. The platform presents inventions, patent applications, and patents with high monetization potential, and allows investors to financially participate in the success of the IP … Continue reading

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Christmas holidays was just around the corner and I was really looking forward having some time off with my family, and certainly watching some nice movies in the evenings with my wife. Oh, I wished so much we had Netflix … Continue reading

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Interview: What Leadfeeder learned from the pitch competition at Slush

With 15,000 attendees, 1,700 startups, 800 venture capital investors and more than 600 journalists Slush has clearly become one of the most important tech and startup events in Europe. One of the highlights in 2015 was definitely the Slush 100 … Continue reading

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Mintos: From start-up to European FinTech Award nominee in one year

Mintos is one of the most successful start-up companies from Latvia this year. At the beginning of the year they received $ 1,16 million seed investment from the local investment company “Skillion Ventures”. At the end of this year the … Continue reading

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Empowering FinTech entrepreneurs – an interview with FinLeap Venture Partner Nasir Zubairi

FinTech is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial systems more efficient. The speed with which FinTech innovation is impacting financial services is gathering momentum. Globally, FinTech financing has jumped six-fold over the past three … Continue reading

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Growth Tribe Academy launches growth hacking courses in Amsterdam

Startups love to hire growth hackers these days, not traditional marketers. Growth hacking sounds like one of those crazy Silicon Valley buzz words that you hate. But high growth rates as soon as possible is exactly what startups need. Unlike corporates, … Continue reading

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MIRA Rehab: A social impact startup that gamifies rehabilitation

I met Alina Călin from Romania in Vienna at CESA Grand Finale, where the best startups and ecosystem supporters in Central Europe were announced. Her startup, MIRA Rehab, which has offices in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and London, won the category “Best social impact … Continue reading

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Something is accelerating in Budapest

While I believe in a less government-driven economy, it’s good to see smart initiatives coming from this world also in Budapest, that truly supports the local ecosystem. I had a good chat with Csongor Biás, Head of Tech Incubation at … Continue reading

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 IT for Girls, Girls for IT: Interview with CzechITas co-founder Monika Malátková

I met CzechITas (Czech Girls Talk IT!) at a small workshop with a CzechITas instructor participating, in an auditorium of about 95% men, a year ago. We could hear a lot of giggling when the CzechITas instructor spoke about mobile … Continue reading

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