Worth reading: TechCrunch FR, Samwers, Trustpilot

There are so many interesting stories out there and unfortunately we don’t have the time to cover all of them. With our new section “Worth reading” we provide you (once in a while) with some links to interesting articles of other publications:

techcrunch-france-logoTechCrunch France as we know it may be over. Roxanne Varzea has just announced some big and bad changes for the French edition of TC. She described that the US-team doesn’t seem to have an interest in investing a little bit more money/time to develop further the site or team. Thats why some of the TC France writers will now leave. Roxanne Varzea will from now on cover the French tech scene in English on The Rude Baguette. Read more about the whole issue on TC France (in French).

The_SamwersThe Business Insider analyzed the role of the Samwer brothers at Groupon in a recent article. An unnamed insider says: “They rule it (Groupon) with an iron fist. With some mixture of admiration, fear, and revulsion, their way is known amongst Groupon employees as The German Way.” Some, as one source put it, think the Groupon sales management shift toward The German Way signals “a very strong change of power from Andrew to the Samwer brothers”. Find out more and read the full article on Business Insider.

Trustpilot-logoTrustpilot, a website which rates the trustworthiness of shopping sites via a toolbar, has raised 3.3 million Euro from two Nordic venture funds, SEED Capital and Northzone Ventures. The money will be used to scale internationally. Right now it’s available in 10 European countries but plans further rollouts. The young company aims to become the most powerful global player in the market for online user reviews of online shopping. Read more about this recent funding of Trustpilot on TechCrunch.