Rocket Internet drastically decreases its team size at the Berlin-based headquarters


Rocket Internet, the startup factory of the Samwer brothers, seems to reduce the headcount at its Berlin headquarters drastically. According to the German Manager Magazin, the company already decreased the team size of the Berlin-based Rocket Internet Holding from 400+ by the end of 2015 to now less than 200 employees.

According to the German business publication, the reason for this decreased headcount is a pivot in Rocket Internet’s strategy. Instead of founding new companies, Rocket Internet is said to now focus more on investments into existing companies.

Confronted with the findings of the Manager Magazin, Rocket Internet stated that these reports are not correct. On the other hand, the company today also didn’t mention the actual employee count of the Berlin-based Rocket Internet Holding, but pointed at the next annual report for more info.

Rocket Internet did an IPO in 2014. Since then, the share price performed relatively poorly on the German stock exchange. After several rather negative reports regarding Rocket Internet’s portfolio companies, there might be spark of hope, since Delivery Hero seems to eye an IPO in 2017. Rocket Internet is one of the biggest shareholders of Delivery Hero.