Airbnb clone 9flats now offers a host protection plan


Probably as a reaction to the latest problems at Airbnb,, one of Europe’s largest platforms for private accommodation rentals, has now decided to offer their hosts worldwide protection for their properties. From this Thursday, German hosts are enabled to cover their properties against damages of up to 2,500 Euro, at a cost of 3.50 Euro per night, per property. This fee covers all guests staying in the property, with the excess to be paid in the event of any damages set at 100 Euro. The coverage programme will be rolled out to international hosts in all countries beyond Germany over the course of the next few weeks.

Aside from the existing security standards at (guests and hosts evaluating each other online, etc.) this recent move further increases the security of According to the young startup, there have been no claims over €100 yet – within the six months of existence.

Stephan Uhrenbacher, founder and CEO of, stated in relation to the coverage programme: “We go to great lengths to ensure that both our hosts and guests have the best experience possible when travelling with Anyone who rents out their own home with our service now has further peace of mind that their property is protected.”.

I’m curious about when the other big Airbnb clone Wimdu (which is backed by the Samwer brothers) is going to announce its host protection plan. I guess we won’t have to wait long.


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