Business Description
SINCE TV – is a promising project for collecting, analyzing and managing of big data. The solution allows to collect and analyze answers of experts and users in real-time over diverse burning social and political issues, concerning internal and foreign policy on the basis of political discussion show or “Sunday talk”, newscasts and any other real-time information stream as a “second screen” user application. Apart from the data collection and analysis platform, we offer a TV format called Delphi Show, featuring international experts and viewers in political and social scenarios predictors, which will let us collect а high-performance data on audience reactions.
Interactive mobile applications for media content with the involvement of a large number of users, turning passive TV and Internet users in active participants of the show. The platform allows toexchange information between television and studio audience, immediately measuring the responses of viewers - up to 10 million users (30% of the mass media audience in such advanced technology markets as Germany and Austria) can participate in interactive interaction within the framework of one event using the means of the second SS screen.

The business model assumes the following sources of profitability:
- Sales to a wide audience of TV shows - mobile applications (for each individual interactive media product) in leading mobile app stores - Google Play, Microsoft, App Store;
- Sales to TV channels of licenses for each developed and captured interactive media content.
- Sales to the B2B companies the analytical reports of the Big Data.
- Sale of advertising through mobile applications.
THE MAZE KIDS - the MIX of on-line, off line game and TV format game ( 42 rooms in the season) which can really impact on the development of leadership and professional competencies of children. Link to the promo video: http://sincetv.co.uk/case-study/#themaze
The interactive mobile apps THE MAZE KIDS gives opportunity for looking for the partners competitions and developing games on the transforming maze’s routs; opportunity for interactive live and off-line play in solve the riddles, puzzles, games and guesses on the maze’s routes directs, help of their favourite teams, and opportunity for parents and organizations (like educative and government ) in the reports about personal and teams skills and characteristics.
The interactive mobile apps THE DELPHI SHOW is for the news and TV show where experts discuss events happening in the world currently and user and viewers can predict the variants of development its.

Based in
big data, real-time, polling
Total Funding
No funding announced yet

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