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10 super promising Slovenian startups to watch in 2023

Slovenia has emerged as a startup-friendly destination, fostering a growing and supportive ecosystem that breeds success. Entrepreneurs in the country are eager to share their knowledge, forging valuable connections and inspiring one another.

Benefiting from a thriving economy and strategic location, Slovenia presents excellent prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs. The nation’s startup ecosystem has seen a positive development over the years attracting an increasing amount of private investments. Furthermore, the government and accelerators play a pivotal role by providing vital support for early-stage startups.

On that note, we have taken a closer look at the Slovenian startup ecosystem this week with the goal to introduce you to 10 of the most promising early-stage startups that are worth keeping a close eye on. These ventures, all founded after 2019, showcase tremendous potential and are poised for an exciting future. From groundbreaking technologies to disruptive business models, these startups represent the ingenuity and ambition driving Slovenia’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Juicy MarblesJuicy Marbles: Kamnik-based Juicy Marbles is a food-tech company that utilises proprietary protein texturing technology to create plant-based whole cuts, resulting in thick, juicy, and marbled plant-based steaks. Their goal is to offer a variety of meat products that can match animal-derived counterparts in terms of taste, price, and convenience. They aim to accelerate the transition of the meat industry into a more sustainable future and aspire to reduce meat consumption by 50% by 2030. Founded in 2019 the fast-growing company has been able to raise more than €4 million.

CulturateCulturate: Headquartered in Ljubljana, is a pioneering Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that seamlessly integrates with Slack and Teams. Its primary focus is to cultivate team culture and enhance collaboration among hybrid workers. By prioritising engagement, fostering a healthy hybrid culture and workflows, minimising communication clutter, promoting inclusivity, and optimising communication for hybrid teams, Culturate stands at the forefront of innovation. Since its establishment in 2019, the young company has successfully raised a total of €157.5k in funding.

GreenMeshGreenMesh: Based in Ljubljana, this dynamic startup offers comprehensive turnkey solutions across diverse industries including city management, utilities, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. Their specialisation lies in aiding customers with digital and ecological transformation, harnessing smart algorithms for predictive maintenance and optimising assets through data analysis. Since its establishment in 2020, the fast-growing company has successfully secured €200k in funding.

PabluPablu: Ljubljana-based Pablu, has revolutionised the online retail industry since its inception in 2020. The innovative company offers an effortless solution for businesses of all sizes to launch their own mobile shopping app, akin to TikTok. Pablu equips retailers with a comprehensive suite of tools for app creation, management, and marketing, all at a fraction of the traditional app development cost. By integrating social shopping elements, Pablu enhances the overall shopping experience for customers. With features such as up to 30% higher conversion rates, 85% customer preference, 2.6x more time spent in the shop, in-app notifications, and seamless plug-and-play functionality, Pablu empowers businesses to establish their unique shopping app and thrive in the digital retail space.

Flux-MotorcyclesFlux Performance: Headquartered in Koper, Flux is dedicated to crafting an extraordinary electric motorcycle that redefines the riding experience. Since 2021, the fast-growing startup has been merging classic motorcycle design with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology, aiming to provide riders with a profound sense of freedom and passion, all while maintaining top-notch performance. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Flux Performance ensures an unparalleled and uncompromising ride for motorcycle enthusiasts.

AgiliCityAgiliCity: Ljubljana-based AgiliCity, is the driving force behind Modelur, a cutting-edge parametric urban design software that revolutionises the design process. With a user-friendly interface, Modelur empowers designers to create with confidence. The software’s real-time calculation of essential urban control parameters provides valuable information during the early stages of design, enabling informed decision-making when it matters most. By adopting this approach, AgiliCity promotes a more effective and efficient design process. The innovative company was founded in 2020, marking the beginning of its journey to transform urban design practices.

FlaiFlai: Ljubljana-based startup founded in 2022, is at the forefront of automating critical geospatial data processing tasks using machine learning and artificial intelligence models. By replacing manual labour, Flai significantly accelerates the generation of actionable insights from days or months to just minutes. The company’s mission is to make structured data processing accessible and affordable through a user-friendly web interface, empowering users to harness the power of automation. Flai’s team is committed to revolutionising data processing in a rapidly evolving world. 

SaleSquezeSaleSqueze: Headquartered in Škofja Loka, specialises in providing a comprehensive B2B ordering and order processing platform specifically tailored to simplify purchasing for manufacturers. By replacing conventional communication channels such as phone, fax, and email with an intuitive online self-service ordering system, SaleSqueze optimizes order processing and eliminates manual data entry into ERP systems. With the SaleSqueze platform, buyers gain the convenience of placing orders independently, leading to significant time savings and a reduction in errors. Since its establishment in 2020, the company has swiftly grown, reinforcing its mission to disrupt the manufacturing procurement process.

ProkyProky: Headquartered in Ljubljana, is a pioneering procurement platform designed specifically for the food service and hospitality industry. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and integrations, Proky digitises supply chains and automates critical processes, enabling hotels, restaurants, and schools to achieve significant time and cost savings while minimising food waste. By streamlining procurement, Proky equips businesses with the tools to make informed purchasing decisions and optimise inventory management. Established in 2020, the company has rapidly expanded its operations. Proky’s innovative approach is poised to transform the food service and hospitality sector, providing valuable benefits to both businesses and the environment.

DeltaHubDeltaHub: Based in Ljubljana, DeltaHub is an innovative team of young professionals dedicated to enriching to establish a creative hub where ideas can flourish and be effectively implemented. Specialising in the production and selling thoughtfully designed desk accessories, they strive to inspire and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 2019, DeltaHub is committed to making a positive impact through their innovative products and fostering an environment of creativity and well-being.

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Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio L. Escárzaga
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