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The 15 best coding schools and coding bootcamps in Europe

Coding is no longer reserved for nerdy ‘computer geeks’. Nowadays, with a bit of investment and effort, pretty much everyone can kick start their career as a software developer within months. Coding schools are here to accelerate that process and for that reason, their popularity is growing in an unprecedented manner. Coding is likely to become the most important job skill of the future, and for startup founders it’s an essential asset to have a coder in their team, or at least to understand the possibilities of coding. 

Below we’re introducing you to 15 of the best coding schools in Europe (sorted in alphabetical order). Choose one and start your tech career now!

Academia-decodigo-LogoAcademia de Código: A Lisbon-based coding academy with the goal of snatching talented minds out of unemployment and dead-end jobs’​ claws, by teaching insanely awesome intensive and immersive full-stack programming bootcamps! Código, which is also know as Code for All, offers 14-week coding courses (+650 hours of intense immersion) in different Portuguese cities.

Locations: Lisbon, Fundao, Dritts, Porto Price Range: €6,500

BSSA-logoB. Startup School Amsterdam offers you the tools to kickstart your career in tech. Within nine months, consisting of a three-month intensive course and a full-time paid position, you will gain the essential skills, connections, and work experience you need. And while studying in one of the biggest startup ecosystems of Europe you’ll get access to cutting-edge knowledge, a set of tools, a dynamic community, and learn and work together with experienced professionals from the industry.

Location: Amsterdam / Price Range: €750

Careerfoundry – A Berlin-based coding school that promises to help you transform your career in four to 12 months with flexible, self-paced, mentored online courses in UX Design, UI Design & Web Development. They offer one-on-one mentoring from industry professionals, and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. CF has been teaching the most in-demand tech skills of today and tomorrow since 2014. The best thing is that CF guarantees your money back if you don’t find a job within six months of completing the program.

Location: Berlin / Price Range: €4,560-€4,800

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Codeworks – The leading JavaScript Bootcamp in Europe offers a 12-week coding bootcamp in sunny Barcelona, and in other cities worldwide. Known to be highly selective, Codeworks provides an intensive programme with an excellent curriculum, well-tailored to the job market and boasts a 100% hiring rate for their students. The programme is divided into three parts: 4-week remote intro course on programming fundamentals, followed by a pre-course and then a 12-week or 8-week full-time bootcamp, 6 days per week, 11 hours per day.

Location: Barcelona, Berlin, London, Austin, New York, Toronto / Price Range: €5,200-€9,800

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Code-Institue-LogoCode Institute is the world’s first credit rated coding bootcamp, dedicated to producing career-ready developers through their mentored online or classroom programme. Through their Edinburgh Napier University credit-rating, graduates receive a globally-recognized Diploma in Software Development, providing the perfect infusion of academia and industry. Code Institute also offers for example a 14 to 60 week online bootcamp. All Code Institute courses are designed so that students finish with a professional portfolio and career-ready skills.

Location: Dublin / Price Range: €5,500-€7,900

Founders-and-Coders-logoFounders and Coders – Founders and Coders is a London-based tuition-free peer-led coding bootcamp, running for eighteen weeks on-site, focusing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS and other basic building blocks of web development, as well as project management and entrepreneurship. This coding school is on a mission to prove that for many people peer-led learning is the most effective and least expensive route into the tech industry. In addition to the Coding Bootcamp, they run Tech for Better, an app development program for non-profits and social entrepreneurs in London, Nazareth, & Gaza.

Location: London / Price Range: Free

General-Assembly-logoGeneral Assembly is creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love by offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century – from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing. General Assembly offers online and on campus courses (full-time and part-time).

Locations in Europe: London and Paris / Price Range: €700 – €14,000

IronHack-logoIronhack – Iron Hack has three options for you: Web Development, UX/UI Design and Data Analytics. Each course is offered in a bootcamp format (9 weeks) or part-time (24 weeks). As one of the world’s top-ranked coding and design schools, Ironhack is present in nine locations worldwide – six of them in Europe. They also just recently raised $4 million Series B funding to fuel their international expansion. More than 2,000 Ironhackers are part of this growing community and some of them have already been hired by Google, Twitter, Mango, Orange, Telefonia, and Visa.

Locations in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris / Price Range: €7,500-€10,000

Le Wagon – Le Wagon is a nine-week intensive coding program and its popularity comes from their highly rated full-stack program, now offered in 34 campuses across 22 countries (12 locations in Europe). Since its opening in 2014, more than 5,270 graduates have built 1,300+ products and launched more than 290 startups. Impressive, right? As of April 2019, they also offer part-time courses, and have a fully dedicated executive program targeted at employees working for big companies who want to enhance their digital skills.

Locations in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Lausanne, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Rome / Price Range: €6,000-€7,000

Special Deal by Le Wagon Spain: For the Barcelona and Madrid chapters, there is currently an “Early Bird” tuition for applications before 15 August. Apply now and make sure to mention EU-Startups in your application.

Makers-LogoMakers – This London-based computer programming bootcamp is a highly selective, 12-week, full-time course, focused on Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript and JQuery, Git, and Heroku. Makers Academy is considered an elite and competitive coding school, offering a fast and reliable gateway to the tech industry. Makers Academy also offers a software engineering apprenticeship and fellowship as a pathway to a long-term career as a software developer. Their new generation of tech talent has already been hired by British Gas, Tesco, Deloitte, Monzo, Google, Lego, Deliveroo and many more. The next course starts on 19 August.

Location: London / Price Range: £8,000

Neoland-logoNEOLAND is a school specialized in training in the digital sector. They offer bootcamps, Master and part-time courses of UX / UI Design, Full Stack and Data Science. Once their courses are finished, NEOLAND students are 100% fully prepared to work. The coding school has a campus in Madrid and Barcelona, and in addition, all of their courses are available online. Important side note: Courses are in Spanish only.

Location: Madrid and Barcelona / Price Range: €6,495

Skylab Coders Academy – If you are thinking about a career change, plus sandy beaches, nice weather and delicious food, then Barcelona and Skylab Coders Academy is the right place for you. Skylab is offering 11-week full-time training programme through which you will master web and application development during 440+ hours of instruction, projects, and hands-on work, culminating with a Demo Day. Interesting fact: About 96% of Skylab’s students afterwards get a web development job. Not bad. The only “problem” is that students have to be fluent in Spanish in order to join the Skylab Coders Academy.

Location: Barcelona Price Range: €4,800

Spiced – A Berlin-based education company offering 12-week onsite, full-time programs, focused on JavaScript (Full Stack Web Development) and Python (Data Science). Described as an intense, friendly and open environment for a fast and solid entry into web development. Participants complete exciting projects each week, individually and in small teams, allowing them to learn the most effective way there is: by doing. With a 92% employment rate, graduates have already found jobs at SoundCloud, Contentful, Move24, and more.

Location: Berlin Price Range: €7,800-€9,800

Ubiqum Code Academy – Located in Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, and Amsterdam, Ubiqum Code Academy offers 3 & 5-month intensive courses in programming and data analytics, based on the “Learn by Doing”​​ methodology created by Roger Schank, a renowned cognitive scientist and AI researcher. Ubiqum is one of the few schools that offers payment plan called 50/50, which means that participants pay half of the course fees at the beginning of the program and the rest when they get a job.

Location: Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam / Price Range: €6,500-€9,400

Wild Code School – Have you ever thought of learning a programming language while hitting the waves in Biarritz? Now you can with Wild Code School. Offering a 5-month training program, Wild Code School is teaching in-demand digital skills through a blended learning approach in 19 campuses throughout France and Europe. Participants can choose from Vue.js, PHP/Symfony, JavaScript, AngularJS, React or Java and Android and during the period, they have to participate in Workshops and dojos and complete three projects, including one with a real client. 

Locations: Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Lisbon, London, Madrid, and 13 locations in France Price Range: €5,500-€6,500

Special Deal by Wild Code School: At the moment, Wild Code School is offering a 15% discount for every student who finishes the application process before the 31 August. Also, students who pay their tuition in cash benefit from a 5% discount.

Bojana Trajkovska
Bojana Trajkovska
Bojana is a startup enthusiast from the Balkan region. Currently exploring the entrepreneurial community in Italy. Passionate reader and traveller.


  1. Most of these coding courses are extremely expensive. If you don’t have that budget, learn coding free with https://www.freecodecamp.org/, and a free month of any or all courses on lynda.com which is now called linkedin learning.

    It makes me laugh when I see startups raising millions in VC funding, when I never received a single outside dollar for my business – Artfuly.com. Imagine what i could do with 38 million…….

  2. Thanks, Bojana for a wonderful article. This can help many aspirants who are interested to enhance their skills online or offline.

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