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Ironhack and Landing.Jobs join forces to support those affected by COVID-19 with €300,000 in scholarships

With the latest unemployment figures hovering in the millions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals are concerned about one of the most devastating employment scenarios in recent history. Amidst this uncertain economic backdrop, Ironhack and Landing.Jobs scholarship program has been launched to help people transition into a career in tech and combat unemployment with a €300,000 scholarship fund. Also, Ironhack has also recently launched Ironhack Remote, which allows any student to join their tech bootcamps regardless of their nationality or location.

Both companies have played a key role in shaping the future of work in their communities
through education, career advice and job placement. Their objective has always been to support and empower digital talent based on the real needs of companies and the market, regardless of the person’s nationality, location or job situation.

The scholarships will cover full or partial tuition for Ironhack bootcamps in Lisbon, Madrid,
Barcelona as well as remote programs. No previous experience is necessary, interested
applicants simply need to fill out an online form and take a short technical test. Applications are being accepted now and close on Tuesday July 28th.

Álvaro Rojas, Head of Remote at Ironhack commented: “Both Ironhack and Landing.Jobs have been playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of work in our communities. We have a shared belief that the tech ecosystem will provide the best employment opportunities moving forward. When you consider the current employment landscape and look at the experiences of those who have graduated with us, there really is no better time to become a web-developer, UX/UI designer or data analyst. Our scholarships are designed to enable people to change their lives and transition into a career they love.”

Ironhack and Landing.Jobs new scholarship program focuses on three distinct areas of the tech industry: Web Development, UX/UI design and Data Analytics. The courses are offered as a nine-week intensive program or as a 24-week part-time program.

Manuel Rocha who graduated from Ironhack’s web development bootcamp earlier this year
added: “Ironhack gives you an amazing push to enter the tech world. In 9 weeks, if you are completely committed you will truly learn more than the basics to get a job and start giving value in no time. The technologies that you will learn are always the top used in the market. The learning experience has a practical view in mind and is completely in touch with the market needs. The environment is incredibly friendly. I finished the bootcamp when the Covid-19 situation scaled and even in this situation I got my job in exactly two months.”

Ironhack is one of the top-ranked Tech Schools, offering 9-weeks intensive & immersive courses in Web Development, UX/UI Design and Data Analytics and with campuses located in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Paris, Mexico, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Lisbon and Remote.

Further information and the application form for the Ironhack and Landing.Jobs scholarship programme, can be found here.

Editor’s Note: This post has been created in collaboration and with financial support from Ironhack. If you’re also interested in partnering with us, just reach out.

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