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Austrian customer engagement platform Chatvisor raises six-figure investment from eQventure and wins ProSiebenSat1 as a client

Linz-based customer engagement platform Chatvisor optimizes online customer support and experiences. It utilizes free screen sharing technology that allows co-browsing to understand customers’ experiences, as well as chatbot integration and real-time analytics.

The SaaS platform can be used to drive online sales, customer engagement, and website conversions, while providing insights into customer problems.

Since launching in 2018, Chatvisor’s solution has been adopted by major clients such as BMW, and now, the ProSiebenSat1 Group. The startup has also been admitted into the tech2b incubator, received two rounds of financing from public funds, established a ten-person team, and now, has received a six-figure investment from eQventure.

“In a very short time, we have built a great team, launched a scalable SaaS product with high demand, and created a solid financial base,” said CFO Mathias Holzinger.

With the six-figure investment from eQventure, Chatvisor will not only receive capital, but also access to a strong entrepreneurial network. The team will be supported by three eQventure lead investors: Franz Fuchsberger, the founder of the Austrian SaaS Unicorn Tricentis, Markus Presle, co-founder of the SaaS company Prescreen which sold to XING for €27 million, and Herbert Gartner, founder of SensorDynamics, which sold for $164 million.

“The fact that so much trust is placed in Chatvisor today after almost one and a half years is thanks to the commitment of every member of the team,” said CEO Markus Wagner.

“The Chatvisor founders have impressed us from the first meeting – the guys are hungry, disciplined, aggressive, and we like that,” said Herbert Gartner, CEO of the eQventure Entrepreneur Investment Club.

Through its web analytics technology, BrowsXP, Chatvisor records customer behavior on the website and stores it anonymously. These so-called session recordings can be analyzed in real time for behavioral anomalies.

Relevant, stored recordings are assigned to specific employees who can relive the customers’ problems. A recording is deemed relevant if the page produces an error, or if the customer corresponds to a behavioral pattern where they find nothing, repeatedly fail during a process, or perform a predefined interaction. This gives the employee concrete clues as to how he can improve the website in order to increase conversions and sales, cutting down on both guesswork and research.

If the customer accepts help and the problem cannot be solved by a chatbot, the customer is forwarded to a support employee, and Chatvisor enables the employee to access a specific customer’s view of the company website with just one click.

The employee thus receives valuable visual context and can solve problems more efficiently, saving money on support costs and ensuring happy customers, as they get a quick, precise answer with minimal explanation.

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