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Templafy from Denmark wins at Demo Fall and Olympics for Startups

Templafy, a Danish startup, won the Get in the Ring “Olympics for startups” in Rotterdam last Friday evening.

Templafy, founded in 2014 from Copenhagen, is the world’s first cloud-based template-management system. It simplifies management of enterprise templates and documents and helps employees create on-brand, legally compliant and personalized documents anywhere. Templafy runs in the cloud and is fast to onboard and inexpensive to use.

They already netted themselves another prize last Thursday at the event DEMO in the US as the Traction Showcase Winner. Templafy got selected by votes from the DEMO CIO council which consist of 30 Fortune 500 CIOs, for its disruptive technologies provided within the enterprise space.

The Danish startup is seen as Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s rising star in the startup scene. Earlier this year, Templafy received funding from Sunstone Capital and SEED Capital, who have also seen potential in the project. Since these investments, the startup has raked in awards, as well as secured several major customers such as Carlsberg, Deloitte or Siemens. It has won the Best Company Award at Accelerace Pitch Day, nominated by 90 investors; and won ‘The Battle Of The Vikings’ pitch competition at the Nordic Startup Conference. GITR 2014: Winner, Western Europe DEMO Fall 2014: Traction Showcase Winner

Christian Lund, the CEO of Templafy, says: “Winning two major startup awards both at DEMO and GITR on two different continents on the same week, is quite something, we are thrilled! These awards confirm the trend that the new big thing is compliance: the ability for businesses to ensure visual consistency and data compliance in all documents. Now that collaboration has become a commodity we believe that the company that first nails compliance will have a real good chance of winning the enterprise category for cloud based office systems, and this is where Templafy will give a even greater push”.

Marko Srsan
Marko Srsan
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