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Sweden-based Campaigneurs, a matchmaking service for charities and businesses, launches today

Campaigneurs, a Gothenburg-based startup that officially launched today, aims to help charities and nonprofits worldwide develop partnerships with responsible business partners (Update – May 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

The online platform offers a new kind of matchmaking service for charities and businesses, based on their online profile description. In this way, Campaigneurs helps to reduce unnecessary time and costs spent by charities looking for corporate funding. Although the Swedish startup is aiming to have a positive impact on the world, Campaigneurs itself is not a non-profit organisation.

Janet Alexandersson, the CEO of Campaigneurs, created the platform with her two other co-founders in response to the lack of financial funding for humanitarian aid in the Middle East.

CEO Janet Alexandersson explained her motivation to build the startup: “This year I saw a news report about a hospital in Syria being forced to close due to lack of financial funding. That is why I created Campaigneurs, to place charities in direct contact with businesses willing to fill that financial gap. Businesses get to support their communities and fulfil their corporate social responsibility and charities gain a financial shortcut, a win-win situation for all”.

Instead of raising funds to aid charities directly, Campaigneurs appeals to businesses to contact and support charities by contributing time, services and money to those that best suit them.

The small team behind Campaigners.com is now calling for all businesses and charities to try out the online matchmaking platform. The first 50 signups get premium access to the platform, which includes one year membership and online support.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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  1. I have worked with non profits for many years on this very subject of busineses seeking to reach a market that the non profit has in tow. Connecting up industry and commerce to the non profits exact needs that will benefit both is a very needy idea. Offering the non profits volunteer management a look see to determine how they might work together is a sale in progress.Indicating the membership cost up front is mandatory.You have a serious gold mine if the match up is acceptable to both. The business is intetrested in having recognition and the non profit has to be careful not to disrupt members perceptionsIt is all about the members household budgets that business seeks. May i have an example of the busines marriage if i give you a plan?

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