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London-based fintech startup Toucan takes flight with €941k boost for its donation app

With the vision to modernise charitable giving, London-based Toucan is taking flight after receiving a €941k investment – well over its target –  as investors flocked to be part of a digital revolution in the charitable giving sector. 

Toucan’s app is being developed in a pivotal moment of urgent societal change, when people are becoming more aware of, and more determined to help tackle the world’s most pressing issues. 

By joining the Toucan community and supporting a world in which giving is second nature, donors can make an immediate and positive impact on the causes that matter the most to them. The technology bridges a widening gap between donors and the causes they care about.

Through the Toucan app, users can build a personal portfolio of up to three charities and split a single monthly donation between them. Donors can support the same charities long-term or switch each month to develop a fully flexible and unique approach to giving. 

 Founded in 2021, Matt Crate came up with the idea for Toucan, realising that small charities need a more sophisticated digital solution to charitable donation. 

A small team worked tirelessly to mould and develop the idea. Crate reached out to John Barrett, former Chief Executive of the Small Charities Coalition, and brought him on board as Chief Operating Officer, while Melody Truong joined the nest as Chief Product Officer, bringing expertise in mobile app design and user experience. 

Chief Executive Officer, Matt Crate said: “We founded Toucan with the vision of creating a world in which giving is second nature. We have developed an intuitive app that uses modern technology to be a force for good, bridging the gap between donors and the causes that matter most to them. We want people to join us on our journey and to show the world what they stand for.” 

Now is the perfect time to bring disruption to the charitable giving sector. Charities are regrouping after a prolonged period of challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in an age where people want to play an active role in contributing to the world’s societal issues. 

Chief Operations Officer, John Barrett said: “We need to make it as easy as possible for donors to connect with charities they care about, and those who they may not yet know. We are particularly keen to give a platform to smaller charities who have such a massive impact in our communities around the UK.”

The purpose-driven startup hopes that through these funds and the development of the app, they can encourage millennial and younger generations to begin a new era of generous charitable giving. 

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