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London-based music selection app GroovSense has just launched – parties have got an upgrade

A brand new music selection app from London, GroovSense, has freshly launched – just in time to upgrade the Christmas party season. 

The AI-powered app enables music fans around the world to create the perfect real-time party playlist. GroovSense identifies the personal music preference of everyone in a given space and is capable of creating a soundtrack for their collective tastes. 

Available for download on the Apple App and Google Play stores, GroovSense uses phone sensor technology to build a virtual perimeter – which could be a living room, function room or marquee – creating a playlist based upon the tastes of the attending crowd. Able to be used with or without a host, it draws on attendees’ personal playlists to create a real-time shared music experience that reflects the crowd’s collective musical interests. 

GroovSense was founded in 2018 by co-founders Hane Aung (CIO) and Mizan Rahman (CEO). Keen breakdancer Aung specialises in applied AI and emotion expression analytics, while Rahman brings two decades of experience within banking and finance and enjoys DJing. Their skills are complemented by founding members Tashfin Shafique (COO) and Chris Vryonides (CDO).

GroovSense’s playlist selections are further refined by using machine learning to analyse the mood of the crowd as it changes. This includes being able to identify markers of positive or negative expression – for example, whether or not a guest is dancing, and who enters or leaves the virtual perimeter, allowing the app to immediately adapt its playlist based on those present at the time. 

For a private ‘hosted’ party, the host’s own choice of music naturally informs what tracks GroovSense plays, with guests able to like, dislike or overrule any of those tracks. The host has the choice of using the app either in ‘Live Person’ mode or in ‘Anywhere’ mode depending on the circumstances. The app can also be used by a solo user to deliver a playlist that updates in real-time based on their live feedback.

Mizan Rahman, CEO and Dr Hane Aung, CIO at GroovSense said: “We’re thrilled to finally announce the launch of the GroovSense app and to see our vision come to life! As keen music fans we quickly recognised that being able to automate a group’s musical preferences to deliver a real-time playlist would add huge value both in a personal and commercial environment. Whilst at the moment we are focused on the domestic market, the possibilities are endless.” 

GroovSense is currently integrated with Spotify and Apple Music, with Deezer, Tidal and Soundcloud integrations on the horizon. GroovSense is compatible with any Digital Service Provider (DSP) that allows apps to connect, giving the user access to content from the various music streaming services to which they subscribe. 

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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