Publishing platform raises $500K with the goal to the mainstream


Woto, a London-based startup that created a new type of publishing platform, has just raised $800,000 in a seed round led by Ingenious Ventures.

Founded in 2013, Woto allows users to set up single-page websites and since launching the beta platform earlier this year, it has already attracted users in 117 countries whose pages have been viewed more than one million times, and shared on social media more than 80,000 times. Ingenious Ventures was obviously impressed by this wave of early adoption and led the seed round to support Woto’s entry into the mainstream.

Woto gives its users the chance to share their content with others, in whatever shape they choose. The startup build its product for social sharers who need more than 140 characters (Twitter) but less than a full website or blog. Woto is enabling every day consumers to create aesthetically pleasing content in three clicks, without the need for advanced publishing expertise. The platform also provides near real-time social and page view analytics as well as tools for transferring pages so you can collaborate with others to generate woto content. For more info check out their introductional video below: