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German medtech startup Preventicus secures funding for its mission to prevent your heart attack

Preventicus, a Jena-based medtech startup, has just secured seed funding from the German High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Born2Grow. Founded earlier this year, Preventicus is developing smartphone-driven solutions to capture and analyse patients’ vital parameters for the early pre-clinical risk screening of lifestyle-related illnesses.

The fresh capital will be put towards the development of the products and portal for marketability. Preventicus is planning their rollout for the latter half of 2015; the products will be marketed through a web portal and diagnostic apps.

Preventicus’ mission is to help make a significant contribution to preventing lifestyle-related illnesses and diseases, such as heart attacks, strokes or burn-out syndromes by means of early detection in pre-clinical settings. According to the startup, as an example, up to 30% of victims don’t survive their myocardial infarction. The capture and analysis of patients’ vital parameters via smartphones opens up new diagnostic possibilities and scopes.

By recording pulse curves with cameras and flashes, and applying biosignal analysis methods, among others, to pulse wave analysis and heart rate variability, the team at Preventicus has succeeded in generating valid evidence regarding clinical pictures, like hypertension and vascular stiffness, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, but also on stress and burn-out syndromes.

Dr. Thomas Hübner, founder and Managing Director of Preventicus, stated: “This type of detection can be done so early that it lets us prevent morbidity or even lethal events (such as an infarction) before clinical symptoms are manifest and/or enable treatments to be implemented with greater promise”.

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