Top 15: Europe’s biggest startup capitals


I recently tried to come up with a ranking of Europe’s biggest startup capitals. In order to do so, I collected the following info and stuffed it into an Excel sheet: a) The top 80 European cities – in relation to this year’s visits on – and the associated number of visits; b) The number of startups that are registered for each of these European cities on CrunchBase; c) The number of startups registered on AngelList for each city. After that, I gave each of the three numbers different weights to get the right ratio.

Please note, that the resulting ranking doesn’t say something about the real importance of each of these cities for the European startup world. It is more like a mirror of the digital presence of these cities in the English speaking startup universe. And here we are:

1. London                   2. Paris                  3. Berlin

4. Amsterdam            5. Barcelona          6. Madrid

7. Munich                   8. Stockholm          9. Dublin

10. Hamburg            11. Milan                12. Vienna

13. Zurich                14. Helsinki             15. Copenhagen


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