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Leading entrepreneurs join forces with the goal to create a single startup market in Europe

The Unicorn Forum and Founders Forum launched a joint initiative with the goal to create a single startup market for Europe. They believe radical policy action must be taken to help the European startup ecosystem scale. That’s why they are calling for a single startup market with support from some of the world’s most influential startup founders.

“Europe has a potential market of 500 million customers, but European entrepreneurs can’t take full advantage of its potential, because of fragmentation in the various member state jurisdictions. The effort from the Commission and member states to harmonize European legislation must continue,” stated the representatives of Unicorn Forum and Founders Forum.

The objective is to create a single legal framework for qualified startups with standard rules across countries within the European Community. A special corporate regime accessible to qualified startups would facilitate a unique, simple and competitive legal framework for corporate, labour, tax/fiscal incentives, stock options and bankruptcy matters. Starting a business and operating across multiple different European countries should be as simple as it is to operate in a single country.

Founders Forum is a private network of the world’s leading digital and technology entrepreneurs. The Unicorn Forum is an informal group of relevant European startup founders that aims to stimulate discussion about policy making on entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. They believe the creation of a new startup single market should be a simple, digital, standalone fully­fledged corporate legal environment. Similar initiatives have been taken or have been under discussion in Italy, UK, Germany and France.

“A single startup market in Europe would create a stronger ecosystem for innovation in Europe that could overcome our fragmentation and transform a problem in a solution: leveraging on our main strength, our diversity,” says Gianluca Dettori, representative of the Unicorn Forum.

Brent Hoberman, from Founders Forum, added: “A startup passport for EU entrepreneurs is an elegant solution to encouraging more founders to benefit from the large single market. This would be a critical step to make the Single Digital Market work for fast growth companies and not just the large giants. It will help more pan­European companies reach scale faster.”

If you want to support this initiative, make sure to sign the call now!

Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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