Semantic job search: JobiJoba lauches in Germany


JobiJoba, the semantic search engine for jobs, launched its German version today. is a project of the French IT-startup ALLGOOB and is already one of the leading job search engines in France. They recently opened up international offices in UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Belgium and Germany. For the launch in Germany JobiJoba partners with StepStone, Experteer, Jobscout24 and other job boards. This enables JobiJoba to provide its German users with about 200,000 job offers right from the beginning. Thomas Allaire, the CEO of JobiJoba, describes his search engine for jobs this way: “Our search engine is able to understand the content of indexed jobs and interpret them – like a person who reads an ad. It then uses certain criteria of relevance to sort them. This allows us to efficiently respond to queries and deliver results with extremely high value for the user.” The innovative search engine was started in 2007 and is headquartered in Pessac (France).