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Business Description
TAPP Water's mission is to empower people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap, with a minimum environmental impact.

TAPP Water provides affordable solutions for clean and sustainable water directly from the tap at home. The company is based in Barcelona, Spain with a team of experienced water, product and technology experts.
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TAPP 1 is a unique faucet filter designed specifically for the water and market in Europe and sold on a subscription bases with MyTapp tracking usage and savings from the filter.

TAPP 1s is a shower filter using KDF-technology to remove chlorine for softer skin, hair and protecting against potentially unhealthy THMs.

TAPP 2 is the water filter that is good for you and good for the environment. The filter removes over 80 contaminants from your water, leaving only the best tasting, clean water directly from your tap. TAPP 2 takes 30 seconds to install and fits onto 95% of taps. It is the world's first water filter with fully biodegradable cartridges. Each cartridge lasts about 3 months, and once the cartridge's life is over, just throw it into your compost bin and drink delicious water, knowing that you aren’t polluting our ground-water, rivers, lakes and oceans with plastic waste.

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