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Brussels-based Shippr scores €10 million to reimagine same-day delivery logistics

Belgian startup Shippr has just raised €10 million in its mission to simplify and improve logistics, making same-day delivery more efficient and sustainable. The startup is now set to expand across Europe with ambitions to become a market leader in B2B logistics. 

Just a few years ago, same-day delivery was something businesses and consumers alike could dream of, but wasn’t quite viable. However, it’s now a sector that is growing rapidly, at a rate of about 8%, and is increasingly demanded by different players in the supply chain. Given the inherent complexity of same-day logistics, the precision needed at all steps of the chain to make it happen, not to mention that it’s relatively early days for the sector, many operations and processes are still running inefficiently and it hasn’t yet reached its full potential. 

Aiming to change that by reimagining same-day logistics is Belgian startup Shippr. The startup has now raised fresh investment and is planning to expand throughout Europe, pioneering this space, and also taking a sustainability-first approach. 

Romain Syed, CEO and Co-founder of Shippr: “With Shippr, we have created a company that, at its core, addresses the challenges of sustainable development and enables smarter and more inclusive urban logistics.”

The details

The startup just announced a raise of €10 million. UK fund Force Over Mass Capital and the Belgian funds Simplicity and SFPI/FPIM are new backers of the Brussels-based company. 

Existing shareholders include Seeder Fund, Dedicated and business angels. This fundraising will allow Shippr to expand its services in Europe and to position itself as a leader in this sector.

Céline Vaessen explains SFPI/FPIM’s investment: “Shippr’s platform enables same-day delivery with less friction for businesses, combined with less congestion, less pollution and decarbonisation of traffic. They have demonstrated impressive growth and are now ready to accelerate their expansion. In developing its 2020-25 strategy, SFPI/FPIM decided to develop an investment pillar dedicated to Transport and Mobility issues. In this context, SFPI/FPIM is pleased to be part of this exciting journey, supporting Shippr in its mission to become a European leader in same-day delivery.”

Optimising same-day delivery

Founded in 2017 by Romain Syed (CEO) Alexina Smet, Kevin Delval, Quentin Goossens and Harold Waterkeyn, Shippr’s platform connects businesses from all sectors with transport companies and offers the widest choice of same-day delivery solutions, from cargo bikes to refrigerated trucks.

The aim is to make B2B urban logistics efficient and sustainable through enhanced connections. 

Through real-time tracking of deliveries, advanced communication modules, route optimization and more, Shippr enables its clients to improve efficiency and save time. In addition, its application dedicated to transport professionals integrates numerous features such as a system for guiding services according to the customer’s needs and automatic invoicing

Shippr has already opened fast-growing operations in Belgium and France, each generating millions of euros in ARR already. Romain Syed does not intend to stop there. In addition to consolidating market share in the two countries listed above, Shippr’s ambition is to expand to several European countries thereby cementing it as a leader in its sector. In addition to this, the company is working on implementing a sustainable strategy based on two pillars: reducing the ecological footprint of logistics and developing fair working conditions for all actors in the supply chain. Shippr has also announced its commitment to become BCorp certified by 2024 and will operate as a carbon-neutral company by 2025.

This investment will fuel the startup’s growth plans, helping it on its way to expand across Europe. Already well-established in Brussels and Paris, Shiprp now has its eyes set on the lucrative city of London. A comprehensive hiring strategy is in place to onboard the necessary talent to make it happen. 

Wouter Volckaert, Partner at Force Over Mass Capital, said: “Shippr has identified a huge untapped demand for last-mile delivery focused on specialised B2B needs, and its traction reflects that. The team has built an established operation in two countries incredibly quickly, and we are excited to support them as they continue to scale.”

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