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Business Description
Square Spirit is an IT company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. We started with only web development and now we are nearly working with all the technologies. With diverse IT backgrounds and strong development skills, our expert team is solely dedicated to providing the best technology solutions to clients worldwide.

The company is founded to bridge the gap between technology and its implementation. Most of the organizations don't know what/which kind of technology is best suited for their business models. Advancement in technology will be of no use if it is not implemented in day-to-day businesses. To achieve the best results we treat clients' requirements as a story instead of treating it as separate check-boxes.
We work with startups as well as big enterprises. Our main aim is to understand clients' requirements and deliver the system or product that satisfies each and every requirement of the client. We help businesses become technologically advanced and smarter. We have an experienced team of industry experts who are equipped with the latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc.
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IT company, technology solutions, day-to-day businesses
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