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Innovative Hushoffice acoustic pods for offices – here is what they are made of (Sponsored)

Nowadays office space is becoming increasingly diverse and dynamic, and employees’ demands on the company’s environment are constantly increasing. One of the most common problems in the office is too much noise, which affects the quality of work, concentration and productivity of staff. To remedy this, innovative solutions such as Hushoffice multifunctional acoustic booths have emerged on the market, to provide privacy and acoustic isolation for team meetings, presentations or video conferences. Their modern yet minimalistic design means they easily fit into a variety of office settings. Read the article and find out what the acoustic pods for individual and collaborative work are made of and what personalisation options they offer.

What are Hushoffice acoustic booths made of?

In today’s work environments, overloaded with an excess of stimuli, information and ever-increasing demands from superiors, staying focused is crucial for high performance. Hushoffice acoustic booths for individual and collaborative work provide the necessary support to perform professional duties to a high standard in noisy office spaces. These are solutions that combine different materials, such as high-quality wood-based materials or double-glazed tempered glass, which together guarantee effective sound insulation.

  • The body of the pod is made of high-quality wood-based materials.
  • The panes are made of double-glazed tempered glass, bonded with acoustic film, thus offering adequate sound insulation. They allow for adequate interior lighting.
  • The elements inside the pod structure are filled with either normal or flame-retardant foam, depending on the customer’s choice.
  • High-quality and precisely fitting gasket system.
  • The wool upholstery is 100% recycled, adds naturalness and absorbs sound perfectly.

It is worth emphasising that these are only a selection of the most important aspects affecting the acoustics of Hushoffice booths.

What elements of Hushoffice acoustic booths can be individually selected?

The Hushoffice product line allows you to select solutions tailored to the specifics of the work in your office. Depending on your needs, you can opt for: dedicated booths for telephone conversations without disturbing others, office pods for comfortable individual work and pods for small business meetings. In various models, other parameters will be adjusted individually.

Acoustic booth size

Hushoffice acoustic booths have been designed to respond to the most pertinent problems associated with today’s office environments. The different pod sizes enable you to choose the right solution for your workplace. In small companies, where every square metre counts, hushPhone telephone booths or hushHybrid individual work pods, which take up less space than a desk – their surface area is about one square metre– are the ideal solution.

The aforementioned solutions are designed for individual employees, while for meetings or working in larger groups, the larger hushMeet booths will be suitable. The hushMeet.L, on the other hand, is a viable alternative to meeting rooms, as it accommodates up to 8 people. An office space needs to be dynamic. Thanks to its modular design, this acoustic booth can be adapted to changes and extended to a depth of up to 3600 mm. It is important to choose the right size and provide enough space for users, but at the same time not dominate the office space.

Acoustic booth housing colours and types

Each model of acoustic booth in the Hushoffice family can be configured in terms of colour, as well as equipment. The body is available in cosmos grey and white, making the minimalistic design easier to integrate into the overall atmosphere of the office space. You can also opt for a back panel in white or transparent glass.

Upholstery to match the company colours

One of the important components of an office booth is its upholstery. The advantage of making the Hushoffice multifunctional acoustic booths to individual order is that this part can be personalised. There is a choice of two fabric types (Petrus or Wool) and a total of up to 40 upholstery colours. Matching the shade of the upholstery to the company’s colours can visually convey the spirit of the organisation and influence the perception of the brand by customers and employees.

Acoustic booths and accessories

Standard solutions, in addition to lighting and an efficient ventilation system activated by a motion sensor, include single or double sofas, and a height-adjustable table or desk. A small laptop shelf is placed in the phone booth, and a barstool is available as an optional choice. Conference booths designed for meetings have space to mount a monitor on the wall. What’s more, the external panel of the Hushoffice pod can be covered with a greenWall with an automatic watering system.

Additional equipment can improve the comfort of the acoustic booth, while providing better working conditions and improved communication efficiency.

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Thomas Ohr
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