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Business Description
Our vision is to provide integrated solutions that significantly reduce the Shipping Industry’s operating costs and environmental footprint.
Marine Performance Systems B.V (MPS) has developed a breakthrough technology: an advanced fluidic air lubrication system (MPS FAL) that reduces the fuel consumption of existing ships by up to 20% with a 2-3 years’ payback time. This yields significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions, as every ton of fuel saved avoids 3.2 tons of CO2 emission. To the shipowner, MPS FAL represents a 68% better business case over current air lubrication solutions during the total life cycle.
We want our fluidic air lubrication system to serve as a performance enhancement platform that collects critical vessel operating data for real-time performance optimisation.
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Company description
MPS is a Danish-Dutch marine technology & engineering company, founded in 2018 by two SMEs combining their capabilities, based in the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, with an office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The founders have more than 130 years of collective experience taking innovative technologies to market from A.P. Moller-Maersk, Shell, IBM, and Royal IHC as well as successful entrepreneurs within Maritime.

Technology description
Our innovation is an advanced Fluidic Air Lubrication technology designated MPS FAL. It uses our proprietary “Fluidic Technology”, which is patent protected worldwide.
MPS FAL consists of multiple 800x55mm wing shaped bands fitted to the bottom of a ship. These bands feed arrays of fluidic oscillators that inject large volumes of air, in the form of sized bubbles, into the water boundary layer. This creates a bubble ’carpet’ of up 80 million air bubbles / second that reduce viscous drag by up to 70%, or a 15-20% gross reduction in fuel consumption and associated emissions.
We have submitted three patent applications Q1 2020 to further expand the IP portfolio for second and third generations of MPS FAL..

Competitive advantages
Air lubrication (AL) was introduced to the Shipping Industry 5-6 years ago, but the market uptake did not happen as first generation AL systems did not meet market expectations in terms of net savings, operating stability, and business case. Key direct competitor is the Silverstream System that yields 5-8% savings.
MPS FAL presents a completely new and innovative approach to generate air bubbles and to ensure stable performance compared to existing AL systems:
- the fluidic technology offers higher, more sustained drag reduction levels at lower injection rates. See video of the air layer: https://bit.ly/2Rq271z
- superior stability and control under varying operating conditions and sea states
- installation within scheduled time frame and in parallel to dry-docking activities, and does not affect the - watertight integrity of the ship thus does not require costly vessel recertification
- fuel savings of up to 20% with double-digit reductions in CO2, NOX, and SOX
- retrofittable to 65% of existing merchant fleet with a 2-3 years’ payback period

Our technology has been awarded the EU Seal of Excellence, won 1st prize in EU BlueInvest 2020, 1st prize in the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge, and is shortlisted as a finalist in the Seatrade Maritime Asia Award. We are members of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

Market potential
We define our Total Available Market (TAM) as the “large” and “very large” container ships, bulk carriers, oil & gas tankers, which counts about 16,000 ships.

Based in
fluidic air lubrication, fuel efficiency, hull optimisation

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