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62 Top Mechanical Engineering Startups and Companies in Sweden (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Mechanical Engineering companies based in Sweden. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Mechanical Engineering industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy
  • Management, diversity and/or societal impact

Top Swedish Mechanical Engineering Startups

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

Polestar stands out in the automotive industry as a beacon of electric performance, merging top-tier vehicle design with innovative technology. This brand is pushing the boundaries of the electric vehicle market with a clear focus on high performance and aesthetics.

Wematter: At the forefront of additive manufacturing, Wematter brings sophisticated Swedish SLS 3D-printing technology right into the heart of the development office. Their advanced printers offer local, on-demand production capabilities that are revolutionizing product development cycles. With Wematter’s equipment, designers and engineers can iterate rapidly.

Cascade Drives: Pioneering in the field of electromechanical systems, Cascade Drives is enhancing heavy-duty machinery with its robust drives. They specialize in offering solutions that promise to revolutionize industries through increased efficiency and reliability.

Sally R is a startup that captures the essence of innovation by translating space technology for terrestrial use, specifically to enhance energy conservation. Their approach is not only technologically advanced but also attuned to the urgent need for sustainable solutions on Earth. By adapting aerospace technology.

Alfa Laval: Alfa Laval has established itself as a pivotal supplier in the sectors of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling. Their comprehensive product range and solutions are crucial to a variety of industries, offering efficiency and performance. With a commitment to technological advancement and sustainability.

Excillum: Excillum operates in a niche domain of high-end X-ray technology, providing microfocus and nanofocus sources that enable detailed imaging and analysis. Their technology is critical for research and development across various fields, from material science to electronics. Their commitment to pushing the limits of X-ray technology.

Finepart Sweden: Finepart Sweden is the epitome of precision, offering non-thermal cutting technology that boasts Swedish ultra-accuracy. Their services cater to a broad spectrum of materials, offering versatility without compromising on the exactness of the cut. The company’s cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing how materials are processed.

Airec: Airec’s innovative approach to heat exchange technology has positioned them as developers of leading-edge plate heat exchangers for gas mediums. Their solutions are designed for efficiency and are a testament to their expertise in thermal technology. Airec’s technology plays a vital role in various applications.

Applied Nano Surfaces: This company is at the vanguard of tribological innovation, offering solutions that significantly reduce friction and wear. Their work in nano-coatings and surface treatment technologies is helping extend the life and performance of mechanical systems. With sustainability and efficiency at the core of their mission.

SKF Group: A century-long journey of innovation has established SKF as a premier global technology provider. Their products and solutions are at the heart of industrial operations, enhancing performance and reducing friction. SKF’s legacy is rooted in continual development and a commitment to research.

Winteria: Winteria brings reliability and precision to the forefront of welding quality assurance. Their methods are setting industry benchmarks for the inspection and validation of welded components, ensuring safety and integrity. Their technological solutions are vital for sectors where weld quality is non-negotiable, exemplifying their dedication to innovation.

Väderstad: Väderstad is a shining name in the agricultural machinery sector, known for its tillage, drilling, and planting equipment. Their machinery is designed to optimize agricultural productivity and resilience. With a strong focus on innovation and quality,

Trelleborg: An industrial powerhouse, Trelleborg AB excels in the field of polymer technology, offering solutions that seal, damp, and protect in challenging environments. Their expertise spans multiple industries, providing technologies that enhance performance and safety.

IBC ROBOTICS: IBC ROBOTICS AB is redefining cleanliness with its patented robotic cleaning solutions. Their innovations are particularly noted in Sweden and other European countries for their efficiency and practicality.

Munters: As a leader in air treatment solutions, Munters is dedicated to providing energy-efficient systems worldwide. Their products are engineered to control climate and optimize air quality, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Their expertise extends across industries, improving productivity and creating healthier work environments.

Optixmarine: Optixmarine is revolutionizing maritime propulsion with its patent-pending gearbox designed for maritime vessels. Their cutting-edge technology is poised to enhance efficiency and performance in the shipping industry. As innovators in marine engineering, they focus on delivering solutions that can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

NIBE Industrier has carved out a reputation as a premier manufacturer of domestic heating products. Their portfolio includes a variety of solutions aimed at providing comfortable living environments while prioritizing energy efficiency.

Ozonetech: Ozonetech is an environmental technology company specializing in ozone-based solutions for water treatment and air purification. Their systems are engineered to tackle some of the most challenging pollution problems, providing cleaner water and air in industrial settings.

CellImpact: CellImpact is a pivotal player in the fuel cell industry, offering bespoke services in the design and manufacturing of flow plates. Their expertise in high-precision engineering facilitates the development of efficient fuel cell components, contributing to the advancement of clean energy technologies.

DENSIQ: DENSIQ stands as a leading provider of innovative sealing solutions. They manufacture a range of seals that cater to the demanding requirements of various industries, ensuring integrity and reliability in critical applications.

SWEP International: SWEP International is at the forefront as a global supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for the HVAC and industrial sectors. Their products are recognized for superior quality and are essential in systems requiring heat transfer.

Nord-Lock: Specializing in secure bolting solutions, Nord-Lock is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of safety in bolted connections. Their advanced systems prevent loosening caused by vibration and dynamic loads, critical in many industrial applications.

GCE Group: As a prominent producer of gas-control equipment, GCE Group is synonymous with safety and efficiency. Their wide range of products serves various applications, ensuring precise control of gases in medical, cutting, and welding technologies.

Nordic Water Products: Nordic Water Products stands as an expert in water and wastewater treatment solutions. They offer an array of products including screening, sedimentation, and filtration systems for municipal and industrial use.

AQ Group: Specializing in the production of components and systems, AQ Group serves an international industrial clientele. Their manufacturing capabilities span from intricate parts to complete assemblies, meeting diverse and complex industrial needs with precision.

Acron: Acron thrives on simplifyinintricate, transforming complex problems into manageable solutions. This ethos has propelled them to the forefront of their field, where they employ clarity and ease to address the sophisticated challenges their clients face.

Nederman: Nederman’s environmental technology focuses on creating cleaner, safer work environments by developing systems that effectively remove hazardous substances like fumes and dust. Their products are integral to industrial health and safety, helping companies meet stringent environmental regulations.

Alten Sverige Aktiebolag: ALTEN operates globally, offering consultancy services that span various industries and domains. As a hub of knowledge and expertise, they assist businesses in navigating complex projects, underscoring innovation and strategic development.

Plockmatic Group: Plockmatic Group is an essential provider to the print and mailing industries, offering advanced finishing solutions that enhance productivity. Their technology integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, providing reliability and efficiency to clients worldwide.

Bergman & Beving: Bergman & Beving empowers brands with the autonomy to grow and operate under its corporate umbrella, fostering a culture of entrepreneurial spirit and independence. They are recognized for their unique business model, which supports brand development while providing strategic oversight.

Hydroscand: Hydroscand specializes in comprehensive solutions and services for hoses and fittings, essential for a wide range of applications. Their offering covers everything from product provision to after-sales support, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Aplicator Group: Aplicator Group designs and manufactures innovative equipment for the precise metering, mixing, and dispensing of multi-component materials. Their technology serves industries where accuracy and efficiency in material handling are paramount. Their commitment to innovation drives their reputation as a trusted partner in various sectors.

Mitutoyo: Mitutoyo stands at the forefront of precision measuring, with an extensive catalog ranging from micrometers to sophisticated metrology systems. Their dedication to accuracy and reliability makes them a preferred manufacturer for industries requiring meticulous measurement.

EuroMaint AB offers specialized technical maintenance to ensure the optimal operation of rolling stock fleets. Their services are vital for the railway sector, contributing to the safety, reliability, and longevity of trains. Their skilled technicians and engineers are committed to maintaining high performance and standards in fleet operations.

Silvent: The company is a leader in the field of compressed air dynamics, creating products that enhance energy efficiency and improve working environments. Their innovations address noise reduction, energy savings, and improved air blow solutions, contributing to a safer and more sustainable industrial atmosphere.

Holotech CAD/CAM AB: Holotech CAD/CAM AB, a key reseller, provides advanced CAM systems named ESPRIT and a comprehensive tool management system called WinTool. Their offerings streamline the manufacturing process, enabling precise programming for CNC machines and effective tool inventory management.

ELME: ELME is recognized as a premier independent manufacturer of industrial spreaders. Their products are essential in ports and terminals worldwide, facilitating the efficient handling of containers and other cargo, and contributing to the smooth operation of global trade logistics.

AP&T: AP&T designs and manufactures state-of-the-art sheet metal forming equipment. Their solutions are pivotal in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, where precision and efficiency in metal shaping are crucial. The company’s dedication to innovation drives their leadership in the industry.

Infrafone: Infrafone, based in Stockholm, specializes in soot cleaning technology, essential for maintaining efficiency and preventing buildup in industrial systems. Their innovative approach to sonic cleaning helps clients in reducing maintenance downtime and improving operational productivity.

ESMA: ESMA stands out in developing high-quality, cost-effective bespoke components and logistic solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry. Their expertise ensures that clients receive precisely crafted parts and smart logistic services that enhance production efficiency and cost management.

WEMO Automation: The platform excels as a manufacturer of linear-robot systems and automation cells catered to the plastics industry. Their advanced robotics technology facilitates the automation of production lines, increasing efficiency and precision in plastic manufacturing.

Hughes Power System: Hughes Power System operates as a mechanical engineering platform, delivering advanced solutions that meet the technical demands of various industries. Their expertise in engineering design and implementation is integral to developing systems that enhance mechanical efficiency and reliability.

Presona: The business focuses on compacting a range of materials, contributing to waste management and recycling industries. Their compactors are designed to reduce volume, increase handling efficiency, and facilitate the reuse of materials, supporting environmental sustainability efforts.

Advanced Mechanical Engineering: The company provides cutting-edge CAD and CAM tools essential for the design and production processes in the mechanical industry. Their solutions enable precision engineering, fostering innovation and efficiency in the development of mechanical components.

NovaCast Systems AB: NovaCast Systems AB champions robust and accessible technology solutions, adhering to national authorities’ recommendations for health and safety. Their team works to deliver quality casting and foundry technology, ensuring clients receive resilient and advanced system support.

Deva Mecaneyes: Deva Mecaneyes stands as a testament to the prowess of Swedish industrial capabilities, embodying a steadfast confidence in the sector’s strength and potential. Their focus on precision and efficiency is mirrored in their innovative approaches and robust manufacturing practices.

Ortic 3D: Ortic 3D, based in Borlänge, exemplifies cutting-edge mechanical engineering with a focus on 3D design and production. Their expertise allows for the creation of complex components and systems, showcasing the capabilities of additive manufacturing in modern engineering.

Ramboll Sweden: Ramboll Sweden operates as a visionary in design and consultancy, providing tailored solutions across a myriad of sectors. Their expertise in engineering, economics, and environmental sciences empowers clients to achieve sustainable growth. As innovators, they are committed to shaping a more sustainable and coherent future.

Elajo Engineering: Elajo Engineering emerged as a leader in the electrical, mechanical, and energy sectors within Sweden. They offer comprehensive solutions that span from initial design to maintenance, ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure. Their work is pivotal in driving the Swedish energy sector forward.

Marco AB: Marco AB is a trailblazer in the field of vertical positioning systems, specializing in the creation of high-performance lift tables that ensure safety and efficiency. Their design and manufacturing processes reflect a deep understanding of ergonomic requirements and operational durability, solidifying their status as industry specialists.

Techno Skruv in Värnamo: Techno Skruv distinguishes itself within the niche market of custom fasteners and mechanical components. Their strong market position is a result of their dedication to fulfilling specific customer needs with precision-engineered solutions. Their success is built upon delivering components that perfectly align with their standards.

Sustainion Group AB integrates a diverse portfolio, encompassing security and environmental technology companies. Their industrial focus aims to provide solutions that not only protect but also sustain environments. By balancing these two aspects, they enhance industry practices for a safer and greener future.

Saka Business Group AB: Saka Business Group AB stands at the intersection of HVAC and electromechanical services, delivering advanced technological solutions. They play a crucial role in ensuring environmental comfort and system efficiency, aiding both residential and commercial sectors through their comprehensive services.

Sjuntorp: Sjuntorp’s expertise in mechanical engineering allows for the in-house design and assembly of heavy machinery. Their capabilities in creating advanced machinery on-site highlight their adaptability and technical acumen. Their contributions are key in driving the manufacturing industry’s machinery sector.

Sunfab Hydraulics: Located in Hudiksvall, Sunfab Hydraulics represents a pinnacle in the field of mechanical and industrial engineering. Their hydraulic solutions are integral to various applications, ensuring reliability and performance. Their dedication to engineering excellence is evident in the robustness and efficiency of their products.

FVB: Situated in Vaughan, FVB is a distinguished entity within the manufacturing engineering landscape, offering innovative solutions that enhance production processes. The company’s presence in the field is marked by its commitment to integrating the latest technologies to optimize manufacturing efficiencies.

Enrad AB is at the forefront of environmental innovation within the refrigeration sector, having developed a patented technology that drastically cuts energy use in grocery store cooling systems. This breakthrough reflects their dedication to sustainability and positions them as a key player in promoting energy-efficient practices in food industry.

Protec Filter: As a company immersed in the mechanical and industrial engineering sector, Protec Filter specializes in creating high-quality filtration systems. Their products stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence, providing robust solutions that ensure purity and system integrity across various industries.

REAC Group: The REAC Group has carved out a niche in providing sophisticated motion products for a wide array of applications. Their offerings are a result of their deep-rooted expertise in motion control, enabling advancements across diverse fields with a focus on functionality and innovation.

Niranova: Niranova’s expertise lies in developing bespoke electronic control and monitoring systems, particularly for diesel and gas turbo engines. Their skill in creating precise, reliable systems exemplifies their role in advancing the industrial sector’s capabilities in machinery efficiency and control.

Essiq AB is a provider of comprehensive mechanical and industrial engineering services, tailoring their expertise to meet a variety of client needs. Their collaborative approach in delivering solutions underscores their commitment to driving project success and operational excellence in a competitive market.

Technity Engineering AB excels in deploying its extensive competencies in engineering, project management, and design to various industry sectors. Their high-level proficiency and meticulous attention to detail in every project position them as valuable ally in the field of technical development and innovation.

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