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London-based GoodCourse raises €671.6k to make remote learning accessible and engaging

GoodCourse, founded this year by Chris Mansfield and Omar Mughal, offers an innovative micro-learning platform designed to enable businesses to reach remote workers. 

The edtech company has just raised €671.6K in pre-seed funding, led by RLC Ventures and RTP Capital. Additional participants in the funding include Monzo founder Tom Blomfield, Lendable founder Victoria Van Lennep, GoCardless & Nested founder Matt Robinson, and Look After My Bills founder Henry de Zoete.

GoodCourse has been developed and carefully curated to reach the 80% of workers who don’t work at a computer, and as a result are often left behind by traditional corporate e-learning solutions. The platform also aims to make learning more accessible, and more enjoyable through its short-form L&D content, paired with TikTok-style explainer videos that are available on the learners’ phones. Learners enrol themselves by text message, so, no apps, downloads or log-ins are needed – making this platform easy-to-use for all. 

With the rise of social media, people now consume information differently than before, and, therefore learn differently. GoodCourse aims to turn corporate learning on its head, with courses that look more like Instagram stories and so are more likely to capture learner engagement. 

Currently, course completion rates on the platform are at over 80%, which is higher than through traditional elearning solutions. Courses are typically served over 5 days, with daily lessons taking no longer than 3-minutes a day to complete, compared to current e-learning models which typically take upwards of an hour to complete

GoodCourse will use the funding to further develop its learning experience and platform, as well as scale its sales & marketing functions.

Chris Mansfield, CEO, GoodCourse, said: “The learning ecosystem has left behind non-desk-based workers and remote audiences for too long. More than this though, social media has changed the way we consume information – it’s time for e-learning to catch up. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with leading investors and operators as part of our first fundraising.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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