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London-based Yayem raises €1.8 million and unveils new mobile app for its new experiential learning platform

Yayem, a London-based startup working on an experiential learning platform founded in 2021 catering to hybrid professionals and teams, has made a significant stride towards global expansion with the launch of its mobile app. The young company, co-founded by Lindsey Elkin and Nicolas Buteau, two former Uber executives, also announced a successful funding round, securing above €1.8 million to fuel its growth. Yayem’s emergence is set to redefine the way individuals work and connect in a rapidly changing world.

Nicolas Buteau, CEO of Yayem, played a pivotal role in Uber’s early days as one of the company’s first 100 employees. Furthermore, Buteau actively engages as an angel investor, particularly in supporting LGBTQ+ founders and people of colour. With his extensive experience and diverse background, Buteau brings a unique perspective to Yayem’s vision of creating a platform that fosters learning, collaboration, and inclusion.

The seed round attracted top angel investors, showcasing the promise and potential of Yayem. Notable investors include Cleo Sham, former Partner at Stride VC, Alon Lits, former Head of Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber and now Founder and CEO of Panda Health, Robbie Khazzam, former Head of Uber Canada and current CEO of Float, Meg Donovan, Global Marketing Leader and former Uber and Masterclass Executive, Lyle Adams, Founder and CEO of Spry, and Kim Durand, Founder and CEO of Cheaf.

Yayem’s newly launched mobile app introduces a digital product that acts as a passport to physical spaces, diverse learning opportunities, and a global network of professionals and digital nomads. Its goal is to provide users with a sense of boundlessness and familiarity, transcending geographical boundaries. The platform’s rapidly expanding community already includes hundreds of paying members in prominent cities such as London, Lisbon, Mexico City, Cape Town, and New York City, bringing together educated urbanites in this new hybrid world.

Central to Yayem’s ethos is the commitment to continually inspire growth and learning among its members. Curated experiences offer a source of inspiration, ensuring individuals remain motivated and eager to explore new horizons. The platform’s standout feature, “Em,” is an innovative blend of an AI concierge and a non-romantic “matchmaker.” Em facilitates intelligent introductions and time-saving hacks, effectively shrinking the world and enabling meaningful connections.

Moreover, Yayem provides exclusive access to physical spaces around the globe. Currently, members can enjoy the offerings of Yayem’s country home in Portugal, The Curtain Club in London, and Aethos Club in Milan, with more locations slated to join the network in the near future. Yayem provides its diverse community with a truly immersive and comprehensive platform that seamlessly blends digital connectivity with real-world experiences. What’s remarkable is that all of this is available at an affordable starting price below €70 per month.

Yayem’s launch comes in response to the post-pandemic landscape, which has witnessed a surge in phenomena like “quiet quitting,” remote work, and digital nomadism. As the boundaries between work, travel, and personal life blur, individuals seek new avenues to forge meaningful connections and find a sense of community. Yayem not only addresses these evolving needs but also champions authentic diversity as a fundamental pillar of its identity.

To sum up, Yayem’s mobile app launch and successful funding round mark an exciting milestone for the experiential learning platform. With its mission to redefine the way professionals and teams connect and learn, Yayem aims to empower millions of individuals in the hybrid world, transforming work and play into a seamless and enriching experience. 

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Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio L. Escárzaga
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