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10 promising Warsaw-based startups to follow in 2021 and beyond

At the beginning of this year, we introduced you to 10 promising Poland-based startup stars to watch in 2021. Today, we’re zooming in and exploring Warsaw, a beautiful city with gothic churches, neoclassical palaces, modern skyscrapers, but most interesting for us: Warsaw is also one of Europe’s most active startup ecosystems

For this post, we’ve specifically focused on early-stage startups which were founded in the last 3 years. As signals of early success, we took into consideration team size, funding, growth rate, innovation, market size. With this in mind, here are the 10 Warsaw-based startups to follow in 2021 and beyond.

Jutro Medical offers a mobile-first, vertically integrated clinic that leads on both digital and physical fronts. Founded in 2019, the health startup has raised over €7 million. Its advanced telemedicine platform and app offers virtual consultations, prescriptions, referrals, lab results, and the ability to request medical leave online for less complex cases. When more direct, more detailed, or more complex care is required, patients can be seen by a Jutro Medical practitioner at the startup’s proprietary clinics. This improves the experience for patients while making doctors more productive.

Formation.Fi brings cross-chain risk parity smart farming to the world of decentralized finance, an evolution of traditional yield farming. Born earlier this year, the startup has already raised nearly €3 million in funding to re-configure DeFi portfolio construction and help users better manage risk and earn greater returns. When a user sets a level of risk with a minimum commitment amount determined by the algorithm in top reserve currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the protocol will automatically configure and recommend a chain-agnostic portfolio of yield farming strategies tailored for the risk profile of the user.

Mindgram is a science-based platform and mobile app for complete mental wellness. Founded in 2021, the startup has raised €1.9 million to solve the productivity crisis and employee wellness issues that companies around the world face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mindgram provides its clients with a set of tools and experts they need to reduce employee burnout, stress, and anxiety. Instead of spending money on traditional and less adequate perks, companies can empower employees with benefits based on mental health and wellbeing. This increases competitiveness and reduces companies’ costs.

ReSpo.Vision aims to disrupt the sport and bookmaking industries by using computer vision to capture detailed 3D tracking data from sporting events and then turn those into practical insights. Born in 2019, the deeptech startup so far has raised about €1 million. Its system can screen any TV broadcast, and capture a continuous stream of 3D coordinates of 20 body sections of each player and the ball. The solution is already catching the attention of the largest football clubs in Europe. The technology has been tested, among others, by Champions League clubs, which plan to use it more widely in training and selection processes.

Vodeno was founded in 2018 and is banking as a service platform that addresses the challenges of increased regulation and allows customers to exploit the digital revolution. The Vodeno Cloud Platform provides a fast-track solution for newcomers that want to enter the financial services market, financial institutions looking to migrate, and financial and e-commerce firms wishing to broaden their portfolio of products. Vodeno’s solution for retail and SME banking is enabled by advanced API technology and based entirely on Google Cloud, simplifying migration from any legacy core banking systems or other in-house solutions.

SmartHotel is a software communications platform for the hospitality industry designed for the post-pandemic world. Founded in 2019, the startup has raised over €1.2 million to enable contactless communication and services between accommodation businesses and guests. Check-in, check out and payments are all done remotely through the app. Questions are instantly answered by a messenger chatbot. Managers can also assign tasks to staff members instantly and remotely. Feedback and analytics dashboards lead operators to better decision-making and services improvement. 

ProperGate is a cloud-based software that optimises logistics on complex construction projects. Launched in 2018, the startup has raised over €1.1 million. They use technology to tackle the inefficiencies in the flow of materials both along the supply chain and within construction sites themselves. ProperGate connects logistics coordinators with the various trades, gatekeepers, and equipment operators working on-site, as well as off-site suppliers and the drivers that work for them. ProperGate also offers smart assistance in planning, ordering, scheduling, unloading, and reporting.

SonarHome is an innovative iBuying service that allows customers to safely and securely sell an apartment for cash in just a few days. Founded in 2018, the proptech startup has raised over €6.3 million. They’ve developed an online real estate valuation tool based on a proprietary, advanced artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes data about the real estate market in a given city. The purchase price of an apartment is then calculated with SonarHome technology, using data mining and machine learning solutions in the analysis of offers and transaction data from the real estate market.

inSTREAMLY is an automated streamer management platform bringing brands and streamers together. Born in 2019, the startup has raised over €1.3 million to democratise the world of live-streaming by empowering streamers to own their content, build strong communities and work with brands. inSTREAMLY gives all streamers access to brands, participate in and execute micro-sponsorships. Streamers are able to monetise their content while giving brands an opportunity to connect with Generation Z in an innovative way. Its new SaaS solution, Streamcoi, is aimed at esports organizations, MCN’s, agencies, and tournament organizers.

DoxyChain is on a mission to create new European security standards for document management. Founded in 2019 with over €250K raised in funding, the startup has developed a blockchain-based digital contract management system, where information once recorded cannot be changed. It is only possible to update the data incrementally, thus leaving a complete history of changes that took place at individual stages. DoxyChain’s cloud-based storage system enables teams to manage documents simultaneously and access the platform via mobile devices easily, saving time.

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Anto Guarin
Anto Guarin
Anto is the Startup Sourcing Manager at EU-Startups. She’s constantly on the lookout for promising startups and projects around the European scene. With a multicultural perspective, she's curious about culture, innovation and technology, strong impact projects, and creativity.

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