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Poland-based Mindgram lands €1.9 million pre-seed funding to improve employee wellbeing across Europe

Today Mindgram, a European science-based platform and mobile app for complete mental wellness, has raised 1.9 million in a pre-seed round led by Market One Capital, with funding also coming from Canadian investor Pamoja Capital. This is one of the largest pre-seed investments for a Polish-founded company.

Based in Poland, Mindgram was founded by a renowned Polish psychologist and mental health expert Małgorzata Ohme, and her business partners – Jakub Zieliński and Adam Plona. In short, Mindgram aims to solve the productivity crisis and employee wellness issues that companies around the world face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The startup provides its clients with a set of tools and experts they need to reduce employee burnout, stress and anxiety. Instead of spending money on traditional and less adequate perks, companies can empower employees with benefits based on mental health and wellbeing. With the support of top Polish professionals – therapists and coaches – Mindgram aims to be the number one, science-based health provider for complete mental health care in Europe. Proceeds from the pre-seed round will be used to support fast-paced expansion plans across the region, including scaling up in it home market.

“Mindgram aims to be a leading software platform for employee well-being. It launches in Europe, but the vision is of global reach. We believe in Mindgram’s mission – full support for employees and democratization of mental health. We’re convinced that the experienced Mindgram team will make it a reality,” said Marcin Kurek, managing partner at Market One Capital.

Mindgram occupies a unique position in the European mental wellness space, where it combines the scalability and revenue potential of a mobile-first SaaS solution with the complete, unlimited and easy access to 24/7 professional health care. This is particularly important in the context of mental health stigma and limited access to professional medical care. According to Eurostat data, there are only 9 to 10 psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants in countries like Poland and Spain – Mingram’s priority markets.

“Facing the pandemic consequences, companies around the world are already revising their employee benefits policy. The global leaders, like Google, Facebook, Ebay, Uber and many traditional businesses across the US have already abandoned their traditional perks such as gym memberships or chillout rooms and, instead, switched their focus on mental health and wellbeing of their employees. 10 companies who have already decided to implement Mindgram on the Polish market, will experience the real impact on the effective functioning of the company: the increase of commitment and job satisfaction and the reduction of absenteeism and presentism”, said co-founder Małgorzata Ohme.

Mindgram not only helps employers meet the mental health needs of employees, but also increases competitiveness and reduces companies’ costs. The startup states that according to WHO, every $1 invested in the mental health of employees generates a return of $4 for the company.

With Mindgram, each employee gets individual psychological care according to the science-based methodology, in fields such as positive psychology, systemic psychotherapy, neuroscience, lifestyle medicine, or cognitive behavioural therapy. As part of the monthly subscription, clients can also choose from a variety of group workshops led by top therapists, trainers and coaches. This subscription includes a mindfulness package, relaxation training, meditation, and therapeutic programs. Mindgram also offers free access for additional family members. The platform provides employees with safe, confidential, round-the-clock access, individual therapeutic care and coaching on demand. Mindgram charges companies a low monthly fee, allowing their employees to use the service for free.

“Mindgram is a real game changer in the region. The power of our platform is in the strong team of top professionals – therapists, psychologists and coaches, as well as our science-based methodology, captured in one app. Our mission is to help millions of employees struggling with stress, burnout or more serious mental health issues exacerbated by the pandemic and to provide the companies with the best tools to support the wellbeing and job satisfaction of their employees,” added co- founder Małgorzata Ohme.

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