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Warsaw-based Mindgram secures €7 million for its app for employee mental wellness and plans European expansion

Providing integrated support for employees, B2B platform Mindgram has just closed one of the biggest seed rounds related to mental health in Europe – securing €7 million. The funding was led by Credo Ventures with participation from PortfoLion, Nunatak Capital, Market One Capital and Pamoja Capital, as well as angel investors.

Based in Warsaw, Mindgram is an all-in-one solution for companies aiming to grant their team holistic emotional and mental well-being support, to build their resilience and drive performance. Reflecting a growing awareness in the corporate sphere of the importance of taking care of employee emotional wellbeing and mental health, the platform address the full spectrum of employee needs in this sphere – providing tools to manage stress, burnout, communication problems, family difficulties, anxiety and so forth, as well as supporting the development of emotional and cognitive competencies to deal with these issues. The service is available around the clock, giving employees unlimited support.

​​Mindgram co-founder and CEO, Jakub Zieliński, explained: “Well-being of the team is nowadays a fundamental pillar for the development of any company. It’s the new KPI of performance. With the mental distress epidemic we are facing in Europe and across the world, it’s not enough to react to incidents. Prevention is key to fighting anxiety and building engaged teams in the long term. Taking care of the employees’ emotions and well-being not only creates a better work environment. It helps you build a clear EVP, benefits the productivity of your team, reduces turnover and ultimately supports the company growth.”

Mindgram occupies a unique position in the European mental wellness space, where it combines the scalability and revenue potential of a mobile-first SaaS solution with complete, unlimited and easy access to 24/7 professional health care. This is particularly important in the context of mental health stigma and limited access to professional medical care. Founded in 2021, we placed Mindgram as a mental-wellness startup leading the way in tackling the mental health crisis at the start of this year. 

The product is truly an all-in-one solution for companies who want to grant their teams holistic emotional and mental well-being. After all, a happy and well-supported team makes for a more productive team and better outcomes for everyone.

​​Guillaume Fournier, Partner at Credo Ventures added: “The COVID-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine have accelerated public awareness of mental health issues in the workplace. While the US leads the way with employer-provided access to care and services, the rest of the world lags far behind. Mindgram has blown us away with their pace and quality of execution to remedy this issue, providing employers with a one-stop-shop solution adapted to patient journeys. The unmatched levels of traction among their customers’ employee base is a testimony of the appetite for and effectiveness of what they have built”.

This new funding will support the Polish company to expand its app across Europe, starting in Spain. Upon launching in Spain, the company will be giving access to 600 local psychotherapists. The Mindgram local team is already growing rapidly, it includes a number of psychologists, trainers, and coaches as well as HR market experts. The company intends to initially hire up to 50 employees in Spain and will work from offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

The impact-driven company already has an established presence in Poland, with a pool of recognizable corporate clients including among others OTCF (owner of sports brand 4F), DB Schenker and Mary Kay, so this is an exciting new development in the startup’s growth story. 

Aurel Pasztor, Partner at Portfolion Capital Partners commented: “Demand for mental health and wellbeing-related services has grown continuously since the pandemic started. Mindgram provides a holistic set of services on a clean B2B platform that is rapidly adopted by enterprises. We believe there is a lot of need for this service in the region and Mindgram’s team has proved to be very strong in execution. We are fully committed to helping them grow in Europe and beyond.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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