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Polish startup Jutro Medical raises €6 million for its hybrid telemedicine & in-person health platform

Jutro Medical, the Warsaw-based health startup building the future of patient care through a unique blend of telemedicine services and state-of-the-art clinics, has raised €6 million in seed funding from lead investor Inovo Venture Partners with participation from Rheingau Founders.

Founded on the belief that only the very best outcomes for patients, doctors and healthcare systems worldwide come from a ‘hybrid’ approach, the Polish firm is bucking the trend of mobile-only telemedicine providers by offering a mobile-first, vertically integrated clinic that leads on both digital and physical fronts.

Jutro Medical’s advanced telemedicine platform and app offer virtual consultations, prescriptions, referrals, lab results and the ability to request medical leave online for less complex cases. Yet when more direct, more detailed or more complex care is required, patients can be seen by a Jutro Medical practitioner – typically the practitioner they’ve been liaising with virtually to maintain a continuity of care – at the startup’s proprietary clinics. All on the same day and all without waiting times, or having to constantly repeat their medical history and care needs with various people. This improves the experience for patients, gets them access to the best care possible, all while making doctors more productive.

Since opening its first clinic in Warsaw in July 2020, the startup has received more than 20,000 positive patient reviews. Some 30% of new patients come via referrals from existing patients and the number of enrolled patients between launch and the end of Q1 this year grew by as much as 40% month-on-month.

“The rate of telemedicine adoption since the COVID pandemic has transformed how many of us now get care and it’s been empowering for people to take more control of their medical needs,” said Jutro Medical founder Adam Janczewski. “Yet, there is – and always will be – a need for face-to-face appointments. Whether it’s for the most vulnerable in our society, or for when virtual consultations don’t go far enough in making sure that the patient is getting the very best treatment. We want to build a future that caters for everyone. One that means people don’t have to compromise or sacrifice their health, and one underpinned by advanced technology.” 

The funding will be used to build out Jutro Medical’s tech platform to improve the productivity of doctors and the efficiency of its clinics even further. It will also be used to scale its operations with a view to expanding to new cities.

Janczewski founded Jutro Medical after experiencing the pain-points and frictions that come from stretched, disjointed and disconnected healthcare systems. Following a routine eye exam in April 2018, a opthamologist discovered the 23 year-old was suffering from a condition that would have resulted in him losing his sight. He was referred immediately to intensive care and during various surgeries and hospital stays, he was able to see how doctors work first-hand.

The condition was spotted by chance because the doctor had time to do a more in-depth examination than is normally possible, due to an appointment cancellation. Had previous practitioners been given more time for appointments, the condition could have been spotted sooner, potentially preventing the pain and surgeries that followed. Or – worse – had that doctor not had the opportunity to dedicate more time to Adam’s care, he could have ended up losing his sight completely. This was the inspiration behind Jutro Medical.

Each practitioner is an employee of Jutro Medical, and they work from state-of-the-art clinics that have been built with the startup’s unique operating model in mind. Tech-first clinics that are designed to maximise real-estate space and give doctors, and their patients, the most streamlined, and efficient experience possible. Thus maximising the amount of time the doctors can spend with patients, and improving the overall care of the patients themselves. Consultations at the Polish clinic are free for everyone insured by the publicly funded National Health Fund of Poland.

“We didn’t just buy into Adam and his team’s vision for building the future of healthcare systems in the short-term, but we explicitly bought into his long-term vision of creating a world where diseases are treated before they happen,” said Michal Rokosz, Partner at Inovo Venture Partners. “Every step Adam and Jutro Medical are taking today to streamline processes, improve the workflows of doctors and give patients the very best care – through the unique use of technology – is a step towards a longer term, seismic shift away from reactive to proactive care. As the whole Inovo team joined Jutro as patients and we got to work with Adam intensively over the past few months, we appreciate what he and his team are doing even more. This is why we decided to increase our stakes in the company, lead this round and make Jutro our largest investment to date.”  

Inovo Venture Partners and Rheingau Founders previously took part in a €1.4 million pre-seed round for the Polish startup, as did Kogito Ventures and Market One Capital.

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