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Bordeaux-based Jestocke raises €1.7 million to expand its vacant space rental platform

French startup Jestocke, a startup specialised in renting out vacant spaces, has completed a new round of funding with Banque des Territoires, Leansquare, MAIF Avenir and AB Box SA. This last success means the total amount raised by this Bordelese startup is €3.5 million since its launch. 

Launched in 2014 by Laure Courty, Jestocke.com is a digital platform that solves the question of what to do with unused vacant spaces. Whether it be social housing companies with vacant garages, logistic warehouses, attics or cellars, the platform offers more than 1.275 million square meters storage space for their clients, both for business and personal needs. Today, the startup offers storage spaces in more than 2100 cities in France and Belgium.

After conquering the market in furniture and professional storage, the startup is capitalising on its expertise to broaden its services to logistics challenges, in a way that will avoid any negative ecological impact. 

With this funding, the startup plans to increase its team and assist social housing companies in entrusting their vacant spaces to the platform in France and Belgium. 

Mohammed Abdesslam, Director of Investment at MAIF Avenir, commented: “As a previous investor in the company, we are very proud of the path Jestocke has taken and which has led them to where they are today. A pioneer in the collaborative economy, dedicated to giving value to vacant space, the company has become in just a few years a major actor in ‘smart’ cities using their expertise and technology to penetrate the professional market and their stocking needs.” 

Laurent Burton, president of Leansquare, said: “Giving value to vacant spaces is becoming a major challenge, for personal and professional needs. In this expanding market, the solution of Jestocke is up-and-coming. Therefore we are enthusiastic to join them in this new adventure of their development.”

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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