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Special call for disruptive BeautyTech startups to join leading cosmetics trade fair, 12-14 March (Sponsored)

With 52 years of experience, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna (12-14 March) is the world’s leading trade fair dedicated to all the sectors of the cosmetics industry with over 3,000 exhibiting companies and over 250,000 professional attendees from all over the world.

Considering the beauty industry is more guided by trends than any other fast-moving consumer goods sector, it’s no surprise brands are increasingly turning to tech to stay competitive.

That’s why Cosmoprof has decided to dedicate the Service Centre, the very heart of the show and the area with the most intense visitors traffic, to the BeautyTech companies that are disrupting the entire industry.

Cosmoprof is looking for 32 startups in the following sectors:

  • Online platforms and digital solutions
  • AI, AR, VR
  • Virtual ‘try on’ apps
  • 3D or ‘e-make-up’
  • Small innovation devices
  • Personalization software and solutions
  • New solutions for the retail industry
  • Digital platforms
  • Biotech
  • Nanotech

These companies will be featured in an innovative space to drive brands, companies  and investors to engage and explore potential opportunities for cutting-edge achievements: a unique opportunity to access the global beauty community at the world’s largest beauty event! APPLY NOW!

Reasons to join the fair

A dedicated show floor area
The devoted area is strategically located to allow maximum visibility and visitor traffic: signage will draw visitors right to the core of the Garden of Innovation. Each booth is tastefully designed and fully furnished as an “innovation tree”.

Cosmoprof Next
Cosmoprof Next is the pitch competition that will involve the 32 startups exhibiting at the event and venture capitalists, investors, top buyers and corporates. The event is organized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency.

Cosmoprof MyMatch
Cosmoprof MyMatch is the matching software developed and realized by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna to increase the connection between demand and supply of the beauty industry. All startups will have access to the Buyer Program and to the software to pre-arrange meetings before the show.

Pre-show and showtime promotion
Startups that take part in Garden of Innovation will get special promotion on web and social media before and during the show. In addition the selected startups will get dedicated media exposure (such as the Press Vip Tour) and promotion opportunities such as the inclusion in the Show Directory (printed and online).

For further information, visit the CosmoProf website.


Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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