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40 Top Cosmetics Startups and Companies in Czech Republic

This article showcases our top picks for the best Cosmetics companies based in Czech Republic. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Cosmetics industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We meticulously selected companies ranging from cutting-edge startups to established brands based on their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas, Innovative route to market, Innovative product
  • Growth: Exceptional growth, Exceptional growth strategy
  • Management and Societal impact

Top Cosmetics Startups base in Czech Republic

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

PRIRODA, VCELY A CLOVEK: An e-commerce platform that sells of honey and bee products. Honey is a popular delicacy that pleases every palate. It is not for nothing that they say that someone is as diligent as a bee. Thanks to the hard work of the bees, they can enjoy the best honey.

SOLARIANOVOTNY.CZ: Offers luxury professional solariums, tecnosole, luxura and home solariums, hapro with installation and warranty services. The sale of Luxura and Hapro tanning beds and the servicing of tanning beds of all brands is their main activity.

PRODEJPARFEMU.CZ: An online store of cosmetic, gift and health-care products. The cheapest branded internet perfumery with a wide range brings you only original branded perfumes and cosmetics at the best prices.

ROSO COSMETICS: Distributes professional hairdressing products and supplies throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. In their offer they will also find TOGETHAIR natural hair cosmetics , which contain up to 100% natural ingredients. It thus complements its complete portfolio of brands.

PREMLAND: Engages in the online sales business of perfumes and cosmetics. They offer perfumes, toilet waters, gift boxes, cosmetics and more. They value their customers and always try to solve any requirements to the greatest satisfaction.

VENTO BOHEMIA: Engages in the sales and distribution of drugstore and cosmetic goods. They have more than a dozen employees at the head office and another dozen traders in the field, who take care of the trouble-free operation of all your requirements and our customers.

IREL: Seller of food supplements and cosmetics. More than 20 years, they have been processing their own hand-bred milk thistle varieties. They have even obtained a trademark for special varieties of their own. They monitor the progress of cultivation by selected growers from organic farming.

2K PROJECT: Offers CRM and ETMS systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. They will customize the system, localized for the Czech and Slovak markets, to their needs. They will be able to immediately work with current data from the field, analyze it and effectively manage.

ZIVADA: An e-commerce store for beauty products. The ZIVADA online store is operated by SP Venture, as, which, in addition to the e-shop, also manages the hair cosmetics academy, training center and wholesale distribution.

TARAPHARM: Engages in the sales of dietary supplements and cosmetic products. Natural products, nutritional supplements and cosmetics from Belgium. Health support, digestion, weight loss. Since 199, Their company has been the exclusive importer of the Belgian natural brand products.

MARK DISTRI: A distribution company of cosmetic brands, baby and medical products. For 20 years they operate on the Czech market and provide complete support to their brands from distribution, throught logistics to marketing.

SALONDOMA: offers quality and affordable cosmetics. De Ruy Perfumes high-quality eau de parfums inspired by the world’s most famous perfumes. Cosmetics at affordable prices, skin and body care, home fragrances and accessories.

EXKLUSIVNI-KOSMETIKA: An online marketplace that provides beauty and cosmetics products. Wholesale of cosmetics, cosmetic goods, supply of drugstores. e-shop with nostalgic brands, hard to find in the Czech Republic.

AROMEDICA: Focuses on the development, innovation, and production of natural cosmetics. Their company Aromedica has been bringing their original cosmetic products based on aromatherapy since 1997. During this time, they have gained many fans, especially abroad.

COSMO.CZ: Offers luxury women’s and men’s perfumes of world brands. They can shop with confidence at COSMO.CZ, because they have been supplying perfumes since 2004. They have all fragrances in stock at there brick-and-mortar store in Prague, for immediate collection or dispatch.

VASE DEDRA: A leading manufacturer of drugs and cosmetics in Czech Republic. Direct sale of products through the network of its coordinators. The assortment of up to 10,000 products makes them one of the largest MLM companies on the Czech market.

DERMACOL: Manufactures face creams, skin cleansers, sun care products and body lotions. For 55 years, they have been changing the world with their love of beauty. The Czech brand Dermacol has been perfecting the skin and taking care of women’s beauty for more than half a century.

MAMERADIVLASY: Online marketplace that provides hair cosmetics products. E-shop with professional hair cosmetics, tools and electronics. In 2016, they have 19 stores, a team of 30 professional sales representatives and supply more than 16,000 hair salons in the Czech Republic.

PESTIK: An e-shop that retails essential oils, exotic plants, foodstuffs, cosmetics, fertilizers, garden equipment and chemicals. They can advise on the selection of suitable seedlings, but also on how to care for the plants. By email, I advise beginners and experts on when and what.

TENA: An online store for cosmetics, furniture and home appliances. Online store specialized in housing. Everything from household appliances (steam cleaners, steam irons, air fresheners and more) to original household.

TARANI: A therapeutic, cosmetic and herbal products company. Tarani is a Czech brand therapeutic, which are produced on the principle of Ayurvedic medicine. They offer original and high quality Tarani products and therapies based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine.

BEAUTYLAB: RV TITAN offers cosmetic devices, equipment and facilities for beauty salons and studios. Eshop – a center for equipment for beauty salons and studios. Sales of equipment, support and training in Prague and the Czech Republic, SR. Guaranteed profit for them.

RYOR: The original exhibit manufacturer, offering a complete portfolio of cosmetic products for beauty parlors. RYOR was established when private enterprise was restored in their country after the change of the political regime in 1989. It was founded by Eva Štěpánková in 1991.

VIRDE: A manufacturer of natural cosmetics and nutritional supplements. It’s no secret that the biological value of food gradually decreases, whether due to the method of cultivation, climatic effects, storage, or the method and length of transport to the customer.

BIOOO: An online shop that sells cosmetics, health, beauty, and personal care products. The largest seller of natural cosmetics since 2008. E-shop, retail, wholesale, 240 brands, 8000 products. They carefully select the brands that we exclusively distribute.

ABENA: An e-commerce company for skincare, health, and hygiene products. Since 1991, they have been the exclusive distributor of the Danish company ABENA A/S. They supply to our market a comprehensive set of absorbent aids for incontinent ABRI, special cosmetics.

ORIGINAL ATOK: An eCommerce company for natural cosmetics. A purely Czech company engaged in the development, production and sale of natural aromatherapy cosmetics. Since 1997, They have been creating natural aromatherapy cosmetics that gently care for the body.

MONT BLEU: Manufactures and supplies a wide variety of glass nail files, hairbrushes, combs, mirrors, nippers, and manicure sets online. Design Atelier produces crystal glass nail files and decorates variety of high quality products. Mont Bleu was founded in Prague.

NOTINO: A cosmetics company. They believe that beauty and health should be accessible to anyone because it has the power to give confidence and transform people. When people feel beautiful, they find it easier to achieve their goals and make the world around them more beautiful.

SWISSMEDICUS: An online shop that offers pain relief, prevention, immunity, cosmetic and skin care products. In the formulas of SwissMedicus products, the healing power of herbs is combined with the most modern technologies of their processing.

JETT: A manufacturer of plasma medical and cosmetic devices with patented technology of direct current (DC) plasma generation. Patented direct current electrocautery designed for non-ablative treatment of vulvovaginal laxity causing tissue shutdown and strengthening.

ELNINO: An online store for cosmetics and perfumes. El Nino has been in the perfume and cosmetics market since 2003. They are one of the largest suppliers of a wide range of perfumes and cosmetic products in Europe. They offer a diverse range of original products at competitive prices.

PHAEDRA BOTANICALS: A digital store that produces and supplies a wide range of skincare and tonics. They prioritize transparency, quality, and sustainability. They challenge skincare norms with passion and dedication, constantly pushing the boundaries.

EUROPEAN BEAUTY DISTRIBUTION: A supplier of nail cosmetics products. They create, represent and distribute brands of the highest quality. They place great emphasis on continuous innovation and maximum customer satisfaction.

EUROPARFEMY is an online shop for perfumes and cosmetics. The Czech company gives you the chance and buy perfumes and cosmetics at unbeatable prices at Europarfemy. The have thousands of items in stock and fast delivery.

BIORGANICA: An e-commerce company for organic skin care products. La Biorganica is proud distributor on the Czech and Slovak markets of 100% organic skin care products Inlight, hand made in britisch Cornwall. Inlight is anti-aging award winning provider of 100% organic skincare.

BOUTIQAAT: Offers cosmetics and beauty products for women in the Middle East. Founded in 2015, Boutiqaat distinguishes from its peer e-commerce platforms with the incorporation of a social element: it features Gulf and Arab celebrities and social media influencers.

MOHAMED NASER AL-HAJERY & SONS: A company offering consumer services including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, perfumes, & cosmetics. Founded in 1946 ‘Kuwaiti Drug Store’ has now grown into one of the largest consumer services group in the state of Kuwait.

MY COLORS: A medical and beauty solutions company providing hair, grooming, skin, fragrance products, accessories, and various appliances. Discover a wide range of hair products for women at MyColors. From hair color to haircare, find everything you need.

TOOV: A fragrance retail shop in a online shopping environment. Premier fragrance retail shop that provides varying range of luxurious perfumes & colognes in a stylish online shopping environment. Made up by passionate and dynamic individuals who bring innovation and creativity to this store.

BEIDOUN: One of the most renowned beauty, cosmetic and luxury retail chains. Premier beauty retailer in making coveted brands and favorite products accessible by customers. Fashionable assortment of personal adornments, exclusive instruments and modern designs.

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