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Esports startup Gamestry raises €300k for its platform that lets gamers learn from top experts

Just founded in 2018, Gamestry is an online esports training platform that allows users to learn from the best professional esports players.

The startup has just raised a €300k seed round from important business angels including Didac Lee, Pablo Zubicaray, Heiko Rauch and Ot Vila, among others.

Founded by two brothers from Barcelona, ​​Alejo and Guillermo Torrens, Gamestry is currently participating in an acceleration programme with Boost VC in San Francisco.

From the beginning, Gamestry has taken a different path than other startups, betting on signing the best players in each category, and prioritizing quality over quantity.

“There is a categorical difference between learning a skill from the best in a field, instead of learning from a wider class of players that are simply good,” explained Guillermo Torrens, CEO of Gamestry. “The best tend to have a fundamentally different approach. Users recognize this and value it.” 

Gamestry was founded in response to a growing demand for educational content from players of the world’s most popular competitive video games. According to the data
consultancy Newzoo, during the first quarter of 2018 gamers viewed more than 2.4 billion hours of content on the most popular platforms, Twitch and YouTube – the equivalent of 283,219 years. “However, this content is not didactic, it does not have sufficient quality or a defined structure that helps the gamer to improve,” added Torrens.

“In a growing industry, we have stood out for offering high quality content and starring the best players of the moment,” said Alejo Torrens, CFO of Gamestry. “We offer a service that improves the player’s experience in a competitive context, which has been the key to our recent success.”

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Mary Loritz
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