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France-based customer engagement platform iAdvize acquires social media tool Bringr

iAdvize, a European leader in real-time customer engagement, has acquired Bringr, a social media publishing, monitoring and analytics tool. The solution is now becoming a real-time customer engagement platform that enables its users to interact with their customers wherever they are.

iAdvize is a real-time customer engagement platform combining a behavioural targeting engine and keyword filters, including features like Click to Chat, Click to Call, Click to Video, and Click to Community. With iAdvize, businesses and organisations can manage all real-time interactions, increase conversion rates and optimise customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On the other side, Bringr is a social media publishing, monitoring and analytics tool that launched at the beginning of 2013. Companies using Bringr can create value with social networks by keeping a close eye on conversations about their brand, products and competition and by analysing the quantitative and qualitative impact of their actions, thanks to key indicators.

After the launch earlier this year of Click to Community, a community chat channel that enables online visitors to chat with and advise other visitors in real-time on a website, iAdvize reinforces its social vision of customer engagement with the acquisition of Bringr. From now on, businesses will be able to manage their presence on social media, pick up on comments and conversations related to their products and the competition, and engage online customers in real-time.

The acquisition of Bringr brings new impetus to iAdvize’s strategy. With an average annual turnover growth of 200% since it was created, the recruitment of more developers will enable iAdvize to pursue international expansion and continue building a real-time customer engagement solution that is powerful, smart and user-friendly.

iAdvize and Bringr join forces with a common vision: give their clients a clear view of the value that their solution generates, thanks to more than 150 indicators and the prioritisation of contacts. Thanks to the behavioural targeting engine and keyword filters, businesses can define the criteria that will trigger an interaction with an agent and detect visitors who will really benefit from real-time support.

Julien Hervouët, CEO and cofounder at iAdvize, said: “We acquired Bringr so that we could quickly integrate the monitoring of social media within our solution and provide the European market with a global real-time customer engagement platform.”

Simon Robic, CEO and co-founder of Bringr, said: “We are really excited about joining the iAdvize team and combining these two solutions. Until now, iAdvize enabled businesses to engage with website visitors. Now, with the integration of our tools and skills, our clients will be able to listen to the right conversations on social media, detect and target potential customers in order to engage with them wherever they decide. This, in turn, will improve performance in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.”

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