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London-based Zapnito raises €3.8 million to help brands build customer participation

Zapnito, the online community SaaS platform, has completed its Series A funding round with Octopus Ventures, totalling around €3.8 million.

Founded in 2013, based in London, and with a team across Europe and the US, Zapnito is a community SaaS platform that allows brands to build customer participation by enabling them to learn, interact and co-create.

Zapnito’s offering, which combines knowledge-sharing with community interaction, has been crucial for businesses during the pandemic to help them stay connected to their customers and drive participation via virtual events, knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer interaction. These expert communities capture the collective intelligence of its members by eliciting customer insight, engagement, and co-creation from customers, partners and prospects.

This funding will allow Zapnito to accelerate growth by helping more organisations deploy communities post-pandemic, which has accelerated expectations for a quality digital-first brand experience. Specifically it will build on its virtual events capabilities, analytics tools and suite of integrations. It will also use the investment to grow its core markets through an increase in sales, marketing and customer support as well as targeting growth in the US.

Zapnito’s customer base comprises knowledge-driven organisations including publishers and associations, as well as B2B SaaS companies who need to actively engage their customers to drive adoption, retention and growth. Customers include global publishers such as Springer Nature and Wiley, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and SaaS businesses like Sova Assessment.

Charles Thiede, CEO of Zapnito, said: “From the beginning of Zapnito, we have focused on enabling brands to create trusted communities. Until now our growth has been bootstrapped through self-funding and Angel investment. In Octopus we have found the right partner to allow us to further grow the Zapnito platform for larger enterprises and expansion into new markets. We’re incredibly proud to join their investment portfolio, and look forward to working with them to advance our mission of expert communities and collective intelligence.”

Paul Davidson, Principal at Octopus Ventures, said: “Community management is now a crucial part of how brands service their customers. It can also help showcase their identity among the most loyal subscribers and contributors. In Zapnito, Charles and Jon have developed a market-leading proposition that enables companies to embrace the power of communities by harnessing collective intelligence. This is a trend that we see gathering pace as brands seek to take greater control of their narrative. We are excited to be backing Zapnito and look forward to supporting its expansion into new markets with this funding round.” 

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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