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busuu launches an interactive app for learning languages, a Madrid based startup that created the leading language-learning community, just launched the first language-learning app in the world that allows you to interact with native speakers.

Whether you are waiting for the train or for your girlfriend to finish shopping: the new version of the apps for iOS and Android now allows users to connect to over 15 million members from the community, by sending writing exercises to native speakers for correction. This way language learning is communicative and entertaining. An Italian learner could do a writing exercise or receive a correction from a user in Rome while taking the bus to the office.

By clicking on the new menu option “My corrections”, users can see writing exercises from the community which need to be corrected, as well as their own completed writing exercises and the latest corrections they received for these exercises.busuu-writing_pool_iPad

Here are some Highlights of the apps:

More than 3,000 words and key phrases
From Beginner to Upper Intermediate level (A1 to B2)
Travel Course
150 different learning topics covering everyday situations
Comprehensive and audio-visual learning tools
Vocabulary training, dialogues, writing exercises and interactive tests
No internet connection required to access the app
For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

The free version includes 20 learning units. The complete courses (A1-B2 and the Travel Course) can be purchased from inside the app, giving access to further vocabulary and grammar material. For Premium Members of, the whole content of the apps is automatically activated. was founded in 2008 by Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti. If you are wondering where the name “busuu” comes from: busuu is a language spoken in Cameroon – apparently only eight people are able to speak this language. Find out more about the Madrid based startup and read through the interview we did with Bernhard Niesner (co-founder and CEO of Busuu).

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