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Naroomi – the next big thing?

While visiting Rome at the end of March I had an unforgettable opportunity to meet the Italian startup – Naroomi. Many things to share, but first things first. Naroomi is a social network that connects people based on their passions in real time. As simple as it sounds, there is definitely more to it than this. I believe that the easiest way to understand it would be through an example:

Imagine you are interested in photography. It is logical to assume that you are part of various photography groups on Facebook, probably following a few famous photographers or agencies on their FB pages. Along with that, if you are really into this activity, you are probably also following blogs and once in a while check the prices on various retailer web-shops. In the end, there are just too many sources related to the same topic and following each of them is an extremely time-consuming activity. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have all of this information in one place?

This is where Naroomi steps in. It links together all the sources containing information about a particular product, service – anything for that matter, based on the user browsing sequence. Sounds like another data-collecting service? Not completely and I have to admit that what comes next is one of my favorite features of this product. Naroomi comes as an installable add-on on your browser which means you have the option of turning it on or off. Once you turn it on, it tracks your browsing information: which websites lead you to which content, e.g. if a blog-post is about a brand new camera, you might browse the retailer’s web-page to check whether the camera is in stores already and how much does it cost. All this browsing information is collected and stored by Naroomi for creating a relationship web around a certain object.

The “big picture” of this project is to create a platform where each individual could find an attribute (the particular object) that he is looking for. First steps include a very broad definition of an attribute, such as photography in general, but as the product scales up, the attributes should significantly narrow down to a more specific topic (such as certain camera types, particular photo-editing programs, etc.).

From the user’s perspective, Naroomi provides a very convenient tool to manage different online information sources, covering similar information by different people. This enables you to save time, discover online sources previously unknown to you and, eventually, meet people that are interested in the same field. Facebook connects friends; Naroomi connects passions – in a very simple and user-friendly way.

A little bit about the team: I had a pleasure of meeting both co-founders of the company, Ricardo (CEO) and Andrea (CTO). After working together at one company they have decided to start their own business and they never looked back. People say that the team is the most important part when evaluating the future of the startup. That is where I have to say – Naroomi more than fulfills this criteria. Apart from these two professionals, this start-up enjoys feedback from two managers of one of the best consultancies in the world – Booz & Co and from a Merrill Lynch associate (co-investors of this startup). Although many of you might think that consulting and start-ups have as much in common as Italy and bad weather, this time the cooperation left a really favorable impression.

Having said all this, Naroomi will be launching Beta version in May so if you want to be among the lucky ones who get the first touch of their product – sign up online and enjoy the benefits Naroomi brings to your world of passions!

Short Update (October 2018): Naroomi is no longer on the market. If you want to stay up to date regarding more promising new startups, acquisitions and funding rounds, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Andrius Neviera
Andrius Neviera
Adrius Neviera is the person behind the biggest entrepreneurship conference in the region - Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics which attracted over 2 500 people in 2013. His work with Lithuania's government and extensive network allows him to reach out to the most promising stories both in the region and across Europe. Feel free to contact if you have a great story to share, are excited about your startup or just feel like grabbing coffee!


  1. Man labai patiko Jūsų straipsnis.
    Gal galėtumėte parašyti apie mano kelionę?
    Iš anksto esu be galo dėkingas ir neliksiu niekuomet skolingas.
    Be jokio vargo sakau, Sudiev.

  2. Since most Internet users are not familiar with browser add-ons, I guess that this not going to be an easy game for Naroomi…

    • it really depends on the easiness and attractiveness. many people install add ons without knowing they are installing add-ons

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