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App performance startup Mopapp receives €1.5 million from Bologna-based CRIF

Mopapp, a startup specializing in the monitoring of mobile application performance, has secured €1.5 million in funding from a Bologna-based company CRIF, an unconventional investor that is a leading provider of information services and data processing.

This recent funding allows CRIF to obtain 25% of Mopapp, with the option of increasing to 40% within 6 months of signing the agreement. As part of this partnership, CRIF has also signed a service agreement with Mopapp whereby it will provide the startup with specialized personnel and know-how to further accelerate its growth.

Mopapp was founded in 2011 by Alessandro Rizzoli, Marco Bellinaso and Federico Sita. All three founders are originally from Bologna, but started their business in London. Last year, the young company was elected as one of the winners of Seedcamp Berlin. Mopapp also won the prestigious Microsoft BizSpark Competition at the 2011 European Summit.

Mopapp, which is particularly useful for those developing mobile applications over more than one platform, enables its customers to analyze the downloads and sales of their apps in the main App stores (iTunes, Android Market, RIM App World, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, Amazon AppStore, etc.). Mopapp’s app sales monitoring service enables developers to analyze sales figures, ratings and reviews on more than 12,000 applications downloaded by over 350 million people worldwide.

Alessandro Rizzoli, CEO of Mopapp, stated: “The key elements characterizing the Mopapp service are its security and its excellent reliability, and for this reason we’re very enthusiastic about the agreement with CRIF, a company for which reliability and security are absolutely crucial factors for the development of its services. What’s more, the integration of CRIF’s expertise in the development of decision system algorithms in the finance sector will also help us improve performance and speed up our analytics platform even more.”

Carlo Gherardi, President and CEO of CRIF, said in relation to his investment: “CRIF has always paid a great deal of attention to technological innovation and so we couldn’t help but be interested in the prestigious recognition given to a company set up by three innovators from Bologna, which has been able to bring itself to the attention of such a broad and expert international audience. For this reason we decided to put ourselves forward as an ‘angel investor’, investing capital in MOPAPP in the role of industrial partner, with the aim of supporting and helping them practically in the development of a solid business project with a global reach, as well as strengthening Bologna’s ‘Silicon Valley’.”

To find out more about this promising London-based startup, which has roots in Bologna, you can watch the following video:

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