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5 promising Spanish startups to look out for in 2012

Startups are springing up everywhere at an increasing rate, so it’s been hard to narrow this list down to 5.

That said, we’ve decided to just go with 5 Spanish startups you’ve probably not yet heard of, in different sectors. Some of them are already more established, and a couple of them have barely got out of the blocks. But they all offer something special to add to the web experience in 2012.

  1. Youzee is now in Beta mode, but is a good prospect, especially as Netflix has delayed its entry into Spain and other countries (Update – February 2023: The website seems to be out of use, and we therefore deactivated the original link). Youzee is an online video store which has already started its invite-only Beta service, and plans to become fully operational in the first quarter of 2012. It will offer film and TV series on-line, and has already got deals from major studios like Disney, Sony and Fox, and TV channels like BBC, RTVE and TV3. Additionally, the new government in Spain has signalled it will continue to crack down on illegal downloads, a move that can only help legitimate video providers like Youzee.
  2. Zyncro is a corporate social network that provides SaaS tools for professional collaboration (Update – February 2023: The website seems to be out of use, and we therefore deactivated the original link). Or, as on the homepage, “Internal communication, file management, customer and supplier extranet, all in a single platform”. It’s had a very successful year in 2011, being featured in publications like Wired and the Bully awards, among other achievements. They are continuing their world expansion, having expanded into Japan, France and Mexico in 2011, as a successful Spanish business startup in the Saas sector.
  3. is a Spanish social travel network that has grown rapidly over the last 3 years, and is the Spanish competitor to TripAdvisor. It’s big in Spain, where it gets over 1 million visits monthly, and has a world-wide presence, having launched in places like China, Germany, Japan and Italy. However the reason we’re tipping Minube for 2012, is that it’s just branched into building apps for smart phones, and has already recently won an award from Apple as best travel app for the iPhone. For those reasons, Minube goes on the list. They’ve done very well in 2011, but we expect them to do even better in 2012.
  4. SocialBro is a management applications platform for Twitter that has been getting rave reviews on sites such as Killerstartsups and TheNextWeb (Update – February 2023: The website seems to be redirecting to audiense, and we therefore deactivated the original link). Indeed the startup was even featured here on EU-startups last month. This product is going to be huge in 2012; download it now for free and see for yourself!
  5. Tixalia, recently launched in Spanish, offers tickets to park or enclosure venues that don’t require a ‘seat’. It offers a quick and easy way to buy tickets, whether for the local theme park, zoo or even ski pass. There is no registration required on the site in order to buy tickets, and you’re able to exchange tickets if unable to attend on the day specified. Given the number of theme parks, nature parks etc. in Spain they already have a good target audience, but it doesn’t stop there. César Fernández from Tixalia told us that the company has plans to enable the website in English and French in 2012, as they expect big growth to come, with France and Great Britain being key targets for 2012-2013. When we asked whether the company has plans to increase their workforce he stated “Yes, the expansion plans we have for Tixalia indicate we will need to double our work team.” César believes there are plenty of opportunities ahead, and that we just need the will and the skills to take advantage of those opportunities.

Did we say just 5 startups? Okay, well here is a free bonus. Mobbitat has our my view big possibilities, being in mobile apps and having produced a web app BEMobitat that will allow hotel owners to create free, quick, easy and good looking mobile web sites. It sounds like a certain winner in 2012, and surely more will follow from Mobbitat.

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Mark Nessfield
Mark Nessfield
Mark Nessfield is a Data Analyst/Miner out of the UK. He is also the creator of - which is a directory of Spanish startups.


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