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SocialBro makes sense of your Twitter community

SocialBro is a real-time analytics platform for Twitter. They provide a CRM like dashboard that help users make sense of their Twitter community’s through charts, graphs and visualizations.

SocialBro is Barcelona’s most recent mini Seedcamp winner and member, where they impressed the crowd with their presentation and presence as the team engaged with everyone during the event. Most recently, they wow’d LeWeb when Founder Javier Burón created LeWeb Cinema to win tickets to attend the Europe’s biggest startup conference. This is where Spanish based startup Press42 – a platform to connect bloggers and startups – posted a feed about SocialBro during LeWeb. This is where I picked up on them as I followed the conference with envy.

SocialBro boosts an impressive list of clients ranging from Paypal, BBVA, Mastercard and the list goes on. So what attracts these big players to this Spanish startup from Cordoba? Well, it’s because it takes all that deafening noise that exists within your Twitter community and turns it into sweet music for your ears. Their suite of both management and analytic tools turn all the raw data sprinting through your Twitter stream into information that is easy to understand, but more importantly provide insights that can help you optimize your marketing efforts.

A couple management features include the ability to run backups locally that allow you to study and modify your community offline. The most interesting management tool is the ability to filter your users based on language, activity, ratio of friends to followers, importance, tweet frequency and much more. This is great because it allows you to give specialized care to the different niches that exist within your Twitter community. And of course, tweets and direct message’s can be done within the client making it a one stop shop.

The analytics provide a dashboard view where you can monitor through easy to follow graphs. They help give insight into the evolution of your friends, followers, tweets and so on. Furthermore, by leveraging their map view, which utilizes the Google Map engine, you can see where your Twitter community are located across the globe. Here is a screenshot of my account.


(I know, I know – I have a small Twitter community)

I think my two favorite insights the dashboard provides are the ‘best time to tweet’, and the ‘tag cloud’.


These features provide actionable data: how and when to engage your users. If used correctly, this can lead to big improvements on your ROI whether it is measured in dollars or loyal followers.

In less than six months after launching their beta, they have acquired 40 thousand users. Many of which are large corporations, celebrities, and big social media agencies. Their business model is subscription based starting with a free version that give users plenty of features to manage and analyze their Twitter community. The paid packages will have more advanced features ideal for corporations or advanced Twitter users. For example, the cloud version (which they are launching soon) will make for a better user experience due to the increase of speed in their services.

SocialBro has clearly addressed a need within the niche of social media that hasn’t yet been satisfied. The type of metrics they provide are very powerful and it is no surprise their platform has spread quickly. Just like any analytics tool that becomes widely adopted, it would just be a matter of time before training and certifications are offered. If you’re interested in analytic tools for social media, or just getting some insight to your Twitter crowd, I encourage you to give SocialBro a try. Oh, and be sure to watch their video on their homepage – it is pretty well done and the song is catchy.

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Tony Fernandez
Tony Fernandez
Tony Fernandez is a keen follower of the start-up community ever since he went to school in the Silicon Valley. Since moving to Madrid in August 2011 he has been active in the Spanish start-up scene. Check him out at or find him on twitter @afgeneralist.


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