busuu has more than one reason to celebrate


busuu.com, one of the leading online communities for learning languages in the world, has more than one reason to celebrate:

First of all, the Madrid based startup has currently won the renowned Europas Award in London and is now officially the “Best Education Start-Up in Europe”.

In addition, busuu.com reached 5 million registered users online and 5 million users with its mobile apps. This means, that the startup has reached more than 10 million users from over 200 countries. Currently, more than 15,000 new users join this popular community each day. In little more than one year, busuu.com has become as strong on the mobile market as it is on the online market. Downloads for the Android apps in particular have gone through the roof: in only 3 months almost 1,500,000 apps from this particular operating system have been downloaded. During peak times, more than 40,000 people download busuu.com’s mobile apps every day.

The apps of busuu.com are available for all the nine languages offered on the website and do not require an internet connection to access the content. The free version includes 20 learning units – full content with over 3,000 words and key phrases can be purchased from inside the app, from beginner to intermediate level.

Most of busuu’s traffic now comes from Brazil (20% – going currently through the roof) and other “emerging markets” being also important (Russia 9%, Colombia 7%, Ukraine 4% etc.). This could be a indication that people in that countries dont see language skills as a hobby but rather in order to improve their personal financial situation by being better prepared for the job market

“This immense growth in both the online and mobile markets shows the tremendous
global need for innovative forms of language learning” says Bernhard Niesner, CEO
and Co-Founder of busuu.com. The website looks forward to its future and will be
adding new languages soon (Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin).

In April of this year, the Madrid based language learning community busuu has raised an Angel round from Martin Varsavsky (founder of FON). To find out more about Busuu.com just read through the interview we did with Bernhard Niesner (co-founder and CEO of Busuu) by the end of 2010.