Martin Varsavsky recently invested in


The Madrid based language learning community Busuu has just raised an Angel round from Martin Varsavsky (founder of FON). The specific sum of this investment has not been disclosed yet. Martin Varsavsky had been advising Busuu before and recently stated via twitter that he uses Busuu to learn German.

Busuu was founded in 2008 and is now probably Europe´s largest online community for learning languages – with over 2 million members. Busuu-users can access audiovisual language courses in currently more than 7 languages. Additionally, they can practice their language skills with other native speakers of the community via an integrated video-chat application and peer to peer text corrections. To find out more about just read trough the interview we did with Bernhard Niesner (co-founder and CEO of Busuu) by the end of 2010.


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