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European startup jobs and improvements to our Job Bboard

Over the last few months, our new Job Board has evolved into the most frequented section, right after the homepage. We are excited about the fact that one European startup has already found a new employee through our platform!

Today we would like to inform you of a few recent updates that we’ve made to the Job Board. The two main improvements are:

  • Longer visibility: In addition to the ’30-day visibility’ option for job postings, we’ve now added the possibility to choose ’60-day visibility’ (which is also free) when posting a job ad.
  • RSS Feed: We’ve also integrated a link to the Job Board’s RSS feed into the sidebar of the Job Board section. This makes it easier for you to stay up to date when it comes to the hottest startup jobs in Europe.

For founders and startup team managers, our Job Board enables you to spread the news about the open positions at your startup, to a unique startup-interested audience.

Would you like to give it a try? Check out the EU-Startups Job Board in case you’re currently hiring or looking for new job opportunities.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).

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